The Mathers Giant is the unofficial name for the deeply shard-effected clone of Mama Mathers that was created by the Red Queen and Cryptid.


The Mathers Giant is a large humanoid woman resembling Christine Mathers. She is extremely thin with long, pale hair, and skin the color and texture of a newborn baby. She wears a knee-long robe of dead skin, presumably sourced from The Mother of Mothers. She has a permament vacant expression, and seems to be controlled more deeply than other Giants.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Mathers Giant has a scaled up powerset of her original. She is capable of effecting everybody who the original version of herself had come into contact with.[2]

She is capable of creating large scale illusions.[3]


Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

The Mathers Giant was created by Amy and Chris at the behest of Shin government, and was stationed somewhere in Earth Shin as a defensive counter-measure to possible interventions. She remained only a passive background threat during The Second Shin Crisis.

The Ice BreaksEdit

Chris, feeling desperate, deployed The Mathers Giant against Fortuna's Titans alongside The Gibborim Knight and The Mother of Mothers.[4]


  1. Waif-thin, with long, pale hair, her skin a color and texture I associated with newborns, vaguely bruised, too red in spots, not yet exposed to the elements. Her eyes were penetrating as they watched what was going on, her mouth agape, like it would be better paired with a vacant stare. She wore what looked like a scarf and a full-body sheath of dead skin that extended from armpit to knee, with long whiskery hairs extending from parts of it. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.6
  2. “We think it’s Christine Mathers. When the creatures appeared, tens of thousands in Cheit reported seeing a tall, thin woman with silver hair and pale skin. These images of the woman aren’t doing anything except standing on the horizon, unmoving.” - Excerpt from Sundown 17.4
  3. “It’s an autonomic piloting drive. They’re instructions she’ll obey until they wear off, at which point she retreats to the last place she found me. Failing that, she retreats to her birthplace. Instructions are to activate her power. She’ll affect everyone in range-”

    “Uh, no.”

    “-But there won’t be any effects. Subtle hallucinations, if any, unless the target is taller than she is. The other giants are programmed to not care.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.6
  4. Infrared 19.6

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