The Lodge is a popular spot for villains to meet up and do business, in the new world.

Description Edit

The establishment is located on the outskirts of the secondary settlement on Earth N.

The first floor of the Lodge is open to everyone, and minor mercenary villains can often be seen here. The second floor serves as a meeting place for the inner circle, where the real movers and shakers meet up.

History Edit

Post-Gold MorningEdit

At some point Old Man decided to restore his old business. Marquis joined up with him.


Tattletale visited the Lodge to hire contractors for her pacification project.

Prancer, Velvet, and Moose went to the Lodge and started their coalition of B-listers there.[1]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Victoria, Tattletale, and Sveta went to the Lodge to dig for information on the recent cyber attacks.[2]


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