The King's Men are a superhero group based in the United Kingdom. Not much is known about them, as none of their members appear in story. They were attacked by Glaistig Uaine at some point,[1] and the group was reliant on anonymous donations from Cauldron for support[2]. They were unable to break away from the PRT.[3] They did not attend the meeting set up by Cauldron.[4]

Related individualsEdit

Name Description
Athrwys Killed by Glaistig Uaine, mentioned together with the attack on the King's Men.[1] It's unknown if he was a member or not, although he is named after a Welsh king.[5]
Lord Walston Mentioned together with the King's Men in relation to two attacks by the Simurgh.[6][7]


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  4. I was surprised to see them. The Suits were capes from the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom had been obliterated. The leader of the Hearts, Swords and Cups weren’t present, leaving me to assume they were among the ones who hadn’t made it. The Suits managed different duties, classifying capes into groups for public service, fighting, intrigue, fast response and watching for malfeasance in other areas of the public. I’d read the PRT’s pages on them when I’d been investigating possible vectors for the end of the world, only to discover that the Suits were barely treading water as a group, in terms of funding and membership. Too many deaths to Endbringers, even before the pace had picked up, and the merchandising wasn’t working out, with the group accepting handouts from the PRT on a regular basis. Not exactly the image they’d given to the public, of an elite group that was hipper, cooler and more effective than the King’s Men.

    The King’s Men hadn’t made it, I noted. - Excerpt from Extinction 27.2
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