J, known also as the Jewel of Boston, was a boy who grew close to Damsel, but was actually an agent working for Accord.



Ashley StillonsEdit

J and Ashley formed a close, sexual relationship with one another.

Her successors still have conflicted feelings about him, despite knowing well that their suspicion was correct.


J was a spy working for Accord.


Freckled, young and good looking.

Abilities and PowersEdit

J had a power, that allowed him to mold himself into a perfect likeable person. It was assumed that he also had some other secondary powers.[1]



In the past, J used his abilities on 4 different people, making them fall in love with him before killing them.[2]

Boston GamesEdit

J joined Damsel in her gang, becoming her personal assistant and helping her commit crimes. Unbeknownst to Damsel he had been placed with here, intent on feeding information to the Clockwork Dogs.

Damsel was informed she had a mole in her group, and she instinctively turned on J, killing him.

He was later confirmed to be the Jewel of Boston by Armstrong.[3]

Information about him was later dug up by Prancer to showcase his knowledge to Damsel of Distress.[4]


  • Was originally known as The Gem[5] but was switched to the Jewel in the final version.
  • Given his infiltration of Damsel's Group and allegiance to Accord, Jewel is listed here as a Stranger and a Vial cape until more information becomes available.


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