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The Irregulars were a heroic group formed from ex-hero Case 53s following the revelations of the Triumvirate's involvement with Cauldron during the battle against Echidna.[1]

Modus operandi[]

The Irregulars made an alliance with Faultline's Crew upon their formation, agreeing to share resources and information. Weld proposed that they become mercenaries, motivated less by money and focused more on helping people.[2]


It seems that beyond their unique means of revenue they operated like any other mercenary company. Weld was the leader of the group but it is unknown if there were any squad leaders or similar.

PRT Response[]

This group was one of the results of the larger schism the PRT was dealing with following the battle against Echidna. As the Irregulars did not voice the actual reasons for their leaving and remained somewhat affiliated with the Protectorate, the group received equipment, funding and, contacts through the Protectorate.[3]



Cauldron had been releasing Deviation cases for various ends throughout the world.[4] Many were used as villains to prop-up certain heroes so they gained in reputation quicker. As such they gained a reputation for villainy among the public.

Story Start[]

The PRT started a program to absorb more Case 53s into the Protectorate.[5]


During the fight with Echidna, Eidolon was captured by Echidna. She created a clone of him, who, after killing Myrddin, began revealing to the gathered Protectorate heroes the origins of Cauldron, their roots in the Triumvirate, and their involvement in the creation of Case 53s. This caused an upheaval among the ranks of the heroes, particularly the Case 53s, many of whom had in the past found themselves passed over for promotions and generally discriminated against due to their appearance. This later led to a schism in which many disenfranchised Case 53s split off from the Protectorate. Soon afterward was the formation of the Irregulars, who were largely independent from the Protectorate but still received equipment, funding, and contracts through them.[3] The vast majority of the 'monstrous' capes who had split from Protectorate left to join them,[6] although some, such as Hunch, chose to stay.[7] Later, the Irregulars reached out to Case 53s across the world, causing their numbers to swell tremendously.[8]

In the period when the new Endbringers appeared following the defeat of Behemoth, the Irregulars' numbers dropped somewhat, although they continued recruiting in the time that they laid low.[9]


They had risen to enough prominence that Cauldron invited them to meetings.[10]

Gold Morning[]

The Irregulars fought at the oil-rig battle during Gold Morning as part of the 80 strong contingent. Several of them were killed but many successfully evacuated. Afterward, they assaulted the Cauldron Compound, which was eventually destroyed by Scion.

They played an important role in ending the event.


The group is now defunct due to the majority of survivors being minors and only somewhat affiliated sympathizers.


Gentle Giant
Various Case 53s


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