The Huntsmen are a group of heroes overseeing the south-west borders of the City.

Modus operandi Edit

The Huntsmen are a team of heroes with a vigilante edge, and a nature theme. Their theme, however, should not distract from the fact that they are mostly there to protect people's business.[2]

In Etna's opinion they are very professional.

Snow White claimed that the group is stable and will stick together even after the catastrophe.

Structure Edit

The Huntsmen are one of the minor groups affiliated with The Shepherds.[1]


  • 'Snow White' (not real name)
  • Etna



They seems to be a post-Gold Morning group.

They had experience dealing with Backwoods and Trophy Wife, who had claims in their region.[3]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

The Huntsmen were called in by the Wardens to handle an attack on evacuees by Deathchester. They did not pursue villains after their retreat, due to being tied by evacuation schedule.

The Huntsmen participated in cape stand-off during the second Shin crisis.[1]


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