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The Heartbroken are the supervillain family previously headed by Nikos Vasil, AKA Heartbreaker, and currently led by Aisha Laborn.

Modus operandi[]

All the Heartbroken are focused on protecting Heartbreaker and ensuring his legacy. Heartbreaker tries to keep his family together and will send his children to collect any strays.[1] This gave the family several empowered children who could gather information for him and even fight if they have to.[2]

For a long time were known to inhabit Montreal,[3] but have been known to move around primarily to areas where authorities already have problems.[4]

When Imp removed Heartbreaker, she redirected them to safeguard a different legacy.


The Heartbroken are the worst mix of an extended family and a cult, like the Fallen or the Clans, though far smaller. Instead of preying on the destitute or mentally unhealthy they can go out and abduct those people directly.[5] Tasks are delegated to members of the family so that Heartbreaker can focus on other concerns.[6]

The children needs are also met, to excess.[7] To give his children the needed experience Nikos made sure they could practice on any available subjects including each other.[8]


Name Description
Nikos Vasil/Heartbreaker Could affect people's emotions long term. Got on the bad side of Imp.
Aisha Laborn/Imp Gained her current position by killing Heartbreaker, with the assistance of Citrine.
Family Members
Jean-Paul "Alec" Vasil/Regent Also known as Hijack and Regent. He was known for several reasons, and left over his father's controlling nature.
Cherie Vasil/Cherish AKA Cherish. She left over her fathers lack of vision and joined the Slaughterhouse Nine.
Guillaume Vasil Can see through the eyes of anyone they touch, and can temporarily blind or hamper their senses as well.[2] After Cherie left, Guillaume and Nicholas were sent by their father to retrieve her. They found her a few times and forced her to pack up and run somewhere else to avoid them. Eventually, she joined the Slaughterhouse Nine to scare them away.[1]
Nicholas Vasil Nicholas has the ability to induce high levels of fear in other people. After Cherie left, Guillaume and Nicholas were sent by their father to retrieve her. They found her a few times and forced her to pack up and run somewhere else to avoid them. Eventually, she joined the Slaughterhouse Nine to scare them away.[1] He was still with his family four years later.[9]
Samuel Vasil Young teenager with blond curls. Has the ability to get accurate information by torturing people, as well as the ability to sense humans. When allied with Imp, he is seen acting as the voice of reason among himself, Florence, and Juliette.[10]
Juliette Vasil/Catena Usually speaks without inflection. Can physically paralyse a person, as long as she is standing still. May have been over-exposed to her father's powers.[11]
Florence Vasil Florence has the ability to implant permanent post-hypnotic compulsions on people she has physical contact with. She picked on her siblings, and as such they tended to avoid her whenever possible.[12]
Nathan Vasil An unpowered member of the family. Reportedly, he constantly makes himself the victim of his 'cousin's' torments. including Florence,[12] Nicholas,[9] Candy,[13] and even Darlene.[14]
Darlene Vasil Can create links between people, allowing them to sense each others' emotions and transmit their sense of touch among the network.[15] Darlene has a childhood crush on Aiden, wearing adult things like lipstick to catch his attention.[16]
Roman Vasil Formerly known as Romeo. He has a hot-blooded personality, and is two years older than Darlene.[11] Can inflict intense rage on others, but also inflicts it on himself.[17]
Aroa Vasil Noted to be sadistic.[11] Shoots blasts that cause their targets to enjoy pain.[18]
Chastity Vasil Full sister to Candy. Can inflict 'distilled defeat' on others.[19] She can also sense bodies in short distances,[20] and uses a bullwhip.[21][22] Around 17 years old.[23]
Candy Vasil Full sister to Chastity.[24] Around 11 years old.[25] She is able to induce intense and sensory-complete hallucinations of pleasurable experiences, which usually leaves deep aversion to them.[13]
Amias Vasil The youngest of Heartbroken. Has an unknown power that manifests as a bubbling sensation in his hands.[26]
Valentina Vasil Not much is known about Valentina.


Despite having different mothers all Vasils are quite similar in physical appearance and attractive. They are slender and on the shorter side of average. Almost all of them have dark black hair, with only two of them having it straight instead of wavy.[27]

Under Imp, the Heartbroken generally preferred to wear black.[28][29][30] As capes they generally wore stylized faux-historical costumes.[31]

PRT Response[]

Heartbreaker is rarely easy to pin down being constantly on the move. Taking over well off or well placed women to create safe houses and get information on what the PRT is doing about Heartbreaker.[32]

The controlled individuals would allow the creation of instant suicidal soldiers that would try and protect where they think that Heartbreaker is located.[33]

Instead the PRT keeps alerts out so that they can be netted. All in all it is a dangerous situation with multiple innocents enmeshed into the group.[34]

They did respond when Nikos broke his patterns and kidnapped someone famous. Launching a full scale raid to try and free the actress. While it is unknown if it was successful it severely damaged the cult's resources.[3]



Formed with the help of Heartbreaker's powers.


The Heartbroken began investigating Brockton Bay looking for any wayward siblings. [35] After Jean-Paul sacrificed his life for her, Aisha made the resolution to remove Nikos in Jean-Paul's memory.[36]


Nikos was killed by Aisha with the help of Citrine.[37] She moved most of the family to Brockton Bay and formed them into a team.[38]

Gold Morning[]

Presumably survived with little to no casualties even with the opening strike on the East Coast. Kept close to Imp during lulls in the action.[39]

Post-Gold Morning[]

Imp formed his children into an effective policing force.[40][41]


The Heartbroken, with the rest of the Undersiders, were called in by Tattletale to Hollow Point in preparation for the attack on the Fallen compound.[42] It is unknown whether they actually participated in the attack.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

When March went after the Undersiders, Imp and the Heartbroken accompanied Tattletale in their escape.[43] They were present at the villain meeting at Sherwood Span.[44]

Roman, Darlene, Candy, and Amias accompanied Chicken Little when he visited Lookout in the hospital.[45] When Breakthrough agreed to work with the Undersiders to address March, Love Lost, and Cradle, three members of the Heartbroken were assigned to each squad.[46]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Darlene and Candy remotely assisted Lookout during her visit to Earth Shin.

The Heartbroken were invited to the Wardens HQ.[47]

Older kids and Imp had joined Breakthrough during the second Wardens' assault on Teacher's Compound.[48]

The Ice Breaks[]

The Heartbroken were present alongside The Undersiders during the rally at the Wardens HQ.

They accompanied the group of Breakthrough, The Major Malfunctions and Deathchester, that was stationed in the ruins of Mathers compound between Titan Eve and Titan Oberon.[49] During the battle of titans they protected the rear group from Eve's maggots.[50]

The Heartbroken, alongside The Undersiders, stood in the way of Titan Fortuna going to Earth Shin portal.[51]

During The Simurgh's attack on The Wardens headquarters The Heartbroken were guarding the thinker group, that included Tattletale and Dinah Alcott.[52]


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    At an age when many are just figuring out enough of the world to ask 'what's heroin?' or 'what's weed?' he was given heroin and weed and everything else that was theoretically obtainable and told to only indulge if it was someone else's body.

    At an age when many are saying 'sex must be awesome' he was given free reign. Where other 12-13 year old boys might search the internet for weird and disturbing porn and kinky stuff just to see what's out there, he could experience it.

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    “I think you look nice,” Candy said, sounding sweet as anything.

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    Woman A has a fight with her boyfriend, drives the man away, and becomes more isolated, she heads to her job, orders in, and generally mopes and acts normal for a recent divorcee single mother. Enter Heartbreaker.
    Haha, no. Heartbreaker was there from the beginning. He targeted her and her daughter, had her drive her spouse away and disconnect from extended family, and moved his flock into the nice house... a surprising number of people can be fit into a house if they're willing/forced to sleep five or six people to a room.
    Maybe target the neighbors too, if there isn't enough room around. Woman A continues to work, embezzles from the company, and disappears from the grid. Authorities only learn that Heartbreaker was there after the fact, when they connect the dots.
    The group moves on to Woman B, who happens to work in a police station or PRT office. She's not that attractive, but she's useful. Like Woman A, she continues to work, but she keeps an ear to the ground regarding all things Heartbreaker related. - Heartbreaker question (Wildbow, Reddit.com, 2015-07-10)
  33. Capes are forced to move in groups, because moving out alone means running the risk that Cherish might sense them, and the small group of Heartbreaker's kids, a handful of captured capes, and his elite zealot-soldiers could flank them and give Heartbreaker the moment he needs to wololo the solo cape.
    Meanwhile, the women he's tired of are armed and ready to fight like the worst kind of zealot, convinced he's in the bedroom. The heroes approach, forming a perimeter, and neighbors of the initial victim make a move, flanking, opening fire with hunting rifles or improvised weapons. Chaos, fires are set.
    It's hell - fighting guerilla forces made up of people you really don't want to hurt, blameless. Heartbreaker moves out to the periphery of the city to live in a rural location, or just disappears into another densely populated neighborhood. - Heartbreaker question (Wildbow, Reddit.com, 2015-07-10)
  34. Authorities maintain warnings and circulate pictures, they keep an eye on things, root out moles, and everyone knows but few say that the open confrontations are too costly, and the subtle stuff is matched by the power of this one cape and his nine or so cape children. It's bad enough with controlled assaults, but bringing a Kill Order into it? Crazies coming out of the woodwork, making mistakes? Nightmare." - Heartbreaker question (Wildbow, Reddit.com, 2015-07-10)
  35. Tt here.


    Heartbreaker making initial forays, decided to pay a visit. Can’t tell if he’s invading or after Regent. Red Hands are a little more aggressive but not too bad. Meeting for negotiations tonight. Lost Garden approacheth, sending members after us and trying to clear way for Barrow to advance. Annoying but no problem until they enter city limits.


    Worst days since right after Bsaw. He won’t say in his letter but you would want to know. Got better when Red Hand and Heartbreaker came. - Excerpt from Drone 23.3
  36. “So maybe we respect him by respecting that.”

    There was no response to that for a few seconds.

    “Yeah,” Imp said, her voice small. “I’m going to fucking kill his dad for him.”

    “That’s not what I meant,” I said. “I meant we should remember the best part of him.”

    “That part of him would’ve killed his dad too,” Imp said.

    I sighed. I wouldn’t win here. - Excerpt from Crushed 24.5
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  38. “I told the others. They’re on their way.”

    “Okay,” I answered. Fast response.

    No. Too fast. I reached out with bugs, and I sensed the crowd, the way they were standing.

    Here and there, there were people who shouldn’t have been paying attention to the scene. A young girl inside one of the buildings with the graffiti-mural on the exterior, holding a baby. A boy was standing a little too far away to see, but he didn’t approach to get a better view.

    There were a small handful of others.

    I looked at the rings on the memorial. “Heartbreaker’s.”

    “He collected them. I uncollected them.”

    “I’d heard he died.”

    Imp nodded slowly. “Said I would. I told you I’d kill his dad for him.” - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  39. Aisha, sitting next to Rachel, with the dogs under their seats where they’d be out of the way. The Heartbroken were filling the seats immediately around them. Eerie distortions of Alec, with different frames, hair colors, genders and fashion styles, but close enough for me to notice.

    The movie showed a dog on screen, being chased by a group of kids. I could see Imp’s face in the dark, looking as pleased as Rachel]] appeared annoyed.

    It’s not the same dog,” Rachel hissed the words. “Why isn’t anyone seeing that? Same breed, but totally different dogs.

    Pretend,” Aisha said, her smile not faltering in the slightest.

    One of the younger Heartbroken shushed them. - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.6
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    I saw Snuff, and I saw other assorted henchmen. Soldiers, like Coil had once used.

    In one of the cars further back, Imp climbed out. Eerie to see her older, now. There was a crew of kids with her, all wearing masks. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.5
  43. The camera panned. Chicken Little wasn’t the only kid there. There were others. Younger girls and boys, most with dark, curly hair. All with masks and costumes.


    And finally, her back partially turned, Tattletale talking to another woman, who might have been Bitch or might have been Foil- only a sliver of the woman was visible.

    “She brought troops,” Tristan said.

    “Heartbroken,” I said. “And luggage. They’ve left the New Brockton area.” - Excerpt from Polarize 10.3
  44. Villains had assembled in Sherwood Span. The area was sparse, spread out. Some buildings were in construction, but it looked like that had stopped. Mostly it was scattered houses.


    “Our individual cells, sub-groups. Heartbroken in one group, our guys in another. Our mercs can hang out as their own group. Send Foil and Parian off on their own. Faultline should be close but not with us. We’re too big a mob and everyone’s staring.” - Excerpt from Interlude 10.x II
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