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The Guild is a Canadian-based superhero team that focuses on international threats. Members of the Guild can also be a part of the Protectorate.[1] Their logo is a spear-pole with a ribbon-like flag flowing from it.[2]

Modus operandi[]

The Guild acts as an international force enforcing certain standards among the international community, even in areas the Protectorate can't reach. Individual members often pursue their own agendas, which can lead to misconceptions among the public about the Guild's goals. However, there is also a large unpowered staff who work to ensure that the Guild do the maximum amount of good possible, as well as a civilian oversight committee that deliberated on what threats the Guild needs to focus on.[3] This allows the Guild to focus on dealing with those who might attempt major crimes such as genocide in areas other Western heroes might not reach.[4]


The Guild has extremely high standards, and requires - and allows - a high degree of autonomy from its members, as well as a certain philosophy.[5] Individual members do not seem to have a large degree of combat utility outside of early mainstays like Dragon and Narwhal.[6] But this does not mean they are not individually dangerous,[7] and are influential in political arena's.[7]

PRT Response[]

Guild members are usually part of the PRT and Protectorate as per treaty terms. It is presumed that recommendations from these organizations count towards consideration for Guild membership.



The Guild was created as a Canadian answer to the Protectorate, but effectively failed due to lengthy response times and a lack of high-powered capes. The initiative was revived at around the time Canada established their own Protectorate divisions, this time with stronger parahumans.[4]

Dragon and Narwhal would join the Guild after it was well established as the force it is today, Narwhal eventually became the leader.[4]

Members of the group dealt with credible threats like Lung.[8]

Story Start[]

Two members deployed to Brockton Bay to fight an endbringer.


They slowly developed into a more effective organization gaining new members,[9] and gaining credit for ending Endbringer fights.[10]

Gold Morning[]

Members of the Guild were on the front lines.


The Guild established three facilities in Gimel.US outside of the City. These facilities helped civilian authorities, protected refugees from Earth Bet, and were involved in the exploration of parallel worlds.[11]

The Guild, especially Masamune, were instrumental in the reactivation of Parahumans Online.[12]

On August 22nd of Y1, Guild members posted a thread on PHO providing warnings and advice regarding exploration of the multiverse surrounding Gimel.US.[11]


Name: Status:
Narwhal[1] Alive
Black Kaze[13][14] Alive
Defiant[1] Alive
Dragon[1] Alive
Glyph[6] Alive
Masamune[6] Alive
Poe[15] On Leave/Missing
Stonewall Left
Wieldmaiden Unknown
Dragon's Teeth[6] Intact


  • It is not explicitly confirmed that Black Kaze is a member of the Guild, rather than attached to the established member Masamune.
  • The Guild was an element from the earliest drafts of what would become Worm; it was always led by Narwhal.[16]
  • Given their global pervue no equivalent institution would exist in the entities original plan. Without the influence of Cauldron the Guild would not exist.


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    The Guild, at its heart, is about trying to set standards, and it's got just enough prominent members that it can make others stand up and listen.

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