The Gibborim Knight is a deeply shard-affected clone of Chevalier,[1] created by the combined forces of the Red Queen and Cryptid.


Amy claims that the personality traits of the original Chevalier are present in the Gibborim Knight and that he wants to protect and take care of people.[2] Supposedly because of Chevalier's influence on his own Shard,[3][4] and the fact that Amy chose what traits the clone manifested.[5]

The Knight displayed a sense of care for his fellow giants.[6]

It needs to be given very specific directions otherwise things can be disastrous.[7]


Subservient to The Red Queen and other designated allies.


The Gibborim Knight is a giant man, with gray skin and brutish features. Several versions of him simultaneously exist in an overlapped state, each slightly different from the other.[8] This effect can be most appreciated close up.[9]

As with the other giant-clones, The Knight was sent out to the streets naked, but with his power he quickly wrought armor and a sword from the environment.

Later given an upgrade by Chris, the Gibborim Knight has grown to size similar to a Titan. He has constructed a loose band of metal that protects his genitals.[10]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Gibborim Knight has abilities similar to Chevalier,[11] but scaled up.[9] He exists in multiple dimensions at once and presumably can effect things that also exist in multiple dimensions like the Machine Army.[12]

His native strength is enough to rip cars and infrastructure apart,[13] with additional abilities letting him create armor and weapons similar to Chevalier by combining these various items together.[14]

Armored up he can take an appreciable amount of hits from Titans, like Dauntless[15] and Hunter.[16]

As an artificial being he is unable to produce or even survive without intercession from his creators.[17]

After being upgraded by Chris, the Gibborim Knight appears to have even more depth with his abilities. It appears he can infused objects with more abstract properties, as he is seen making a chunk of building into a bomb by swiping it through fire,[18] and enhancing a concrete pole with reality-warping effects by swiping it against a crack in reality.[19]


Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

The Gibborim Knight was the first shard-clone created by Amy and Chris as part of the Shin Defense Initiative.

He was tasked with taking on the Machine Army and began making his way towards them through The City. Kronos moved to intercept him, and attacked him.

After suffering some beating, he was replaced in the task by The Mother of Mothers.[20]

The Gibborim Knight assisted in fending Titan Arachne off when the ice broke.

The Ice BreaksEdit

The Gibborim Knight is employed in the fight against the Fortuna's Titans, tying up the Flowing and the Impaler Titans.[21][22]


  • Gibborim (from the singular גִּבֹּר, גִּבּוֹר gibbor) is a Hebrew word that can be glossed "mightiest" which is an intensive for gabar (גּבר) that can be glossed "mighty". Many times it is used of people who are valiant, mighty, or of great stature.


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    Where Hunter had gone wrong was that Amy had been in charge of the girl, had altered the mind to alter the power, and let something in by accident. Removing it was too hard, because what had opened could not be closed.

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  3. ijp92: so I guess you could say that no matter how much of an effect a shard/passenger/agent has on the personality/development of its host, its host will definately[sic] have a similar and likely far greater affect on the "personality/development"of the shard/passenger/agent.

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    The giant obeyed. Second by second, however, it continued to come apart. She worried it would collapse into constituent parts, but it didn’t. A storm of overlapping identities and bodies. And one piercing eye, as it focused its gaze and looked down at her.
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  8. I saw, on the big screens at the far end of the room, a giant of a man with gray skin and brutish features, holding the torn-off top of a car in one hand. It looked less like a distinct image, and more like the faces one might see reflected in a window at night. Shadows and glimpses, overlapping.
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  12. “Good to know. Is he going to punch his way through it? Overturn every stone? This is a replicating robot threat that infects, recycles, and adapts.”

    “He can. At least in a swathe around the portal. He can cut them back.”

    “And if they infect him? We know they can operate interdimensionally. They can plant those seeds.”

    “He can chew them up. It’s his domain and focus. It’s like saying they have blowtorches, so they’re a threat to a burning continent.”

    “They have blowtorches, and they got those blowtorches scarily fast. It’s like saying those people who learned to make blowtorches with amazing speed might learn and adapt to that burning continent, given enough time.” - Excerpt from Sundown 17.5
  13. He’d already armored himself in part. He walked, holding car roof and construction materials, and the two overlapped, pressing in together, steel girders becoming fiberglass, then car roof becoming an arrangement of girders. He stopped, bent down, and twisted the girders so they fit to the curvature of his leg.

    Then, touching more armor, he blended existing armor to new armor, translating and combining aesthetics, making it uniform. Pelvis, butt and crotch, three-quarters of his legs had already been covered, and arrangements sat under his feet and between his toes like sandals. With the new addition, he was armored from the waist down, pretty much. Boots to be filled out, the rest encased. - Excerpt from Sundown 17.4
  14. The ‘Gibborim Knight’ was there, still fashioning its armor, still trudging forward. It had built boots to cover its feet, which had been sandals before, and was building cross-straps for its chest. The expression it wore was a focused, determined one, even as its face broke apart into three transparent versions.
    The Chevalier had paused at a stockpile of construction materials, gathering more things. A weapon, a shield, armor for the chest, armor for the face. The interception time didn’t change much as a consequence of his stalling. He was wholly focused on his mission. - Excerpt from Sundown 17.5
  15. Dauntless continued his assault, striking out repeatedly, with a spear of lightning that curved and arced around clusters of buildings. There were a lot of buildings, so each attack had to be timed. The Knight kept its heavy shield up, retreating, enduring strikes that sometimes sent him skidding back a hundred feet. Sometimes he fell with the impacts, tearing up road and toppling heel over head. Always getting his shield up and in the way before the next strike, always keeping the shield at an angle so he would be driven down and back and not purely back and away. When intervening buildings provided cover, it ran, shield over its back. Glass fell from nearby windows with every heavy footfall. Like the world wept with its passing.

    Fucking Amy.

    Dauntless only advanced. He didn’t walk, his body more a pillar between sky and ground than a body. He flowed forward, scraped past the city, navigating a path that favored lakes and water, parks and open spaces. Some buildings fell, but the damage to the city proper was minimal, all considering. Had he been moving in a straight line, he would have caught the Knight already. - Excerpt from Sundown 17.6
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    There was a telling pause.

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  18. Seemingly uncaring, roaring in a guttural way, he picked up a chunk of building with two hands, dragged it through a bed of flames on the ground in the process of drawing it back, and then chucked it underhanded.

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