The Noble Giantess is the unofficial name for the deeply shard-effected clone of Goddess that was created by the Red Queen and Cryptid.


As with the other giant-clones, she was sent out to the streets naked, but during the battle with Arachne she arranged a protective lace-like carbon mesh around herself.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Giantess has scaled up versions of her original self's abilities. Her telekinesis is strong enough to throw several buildings, as well as crushing materials strongly enough to create carbon nanotubes.[2]

Her master ability works on capes and normal humans alike, and from an even greater distance.[3]

Her danger sense has scaled up considerably. She is more resilient than just scaled-up human would be, being able to survive "the hug" from Titan Arachne.[4]


Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

The Giantess was created as part of the Shin Defense Initiative by the Red Queen and Cryptid. She stayed passive during the Second Shin Crisis.

The Ice BreaksEdit

The Giantess assisted in fending off the attacks of Titan Arachne, taking the nearby people under her control in process, obviously.[1] Later, she was left with Arachne "alone".[5]

The Giantess was redeployed against The Simurgh and her Machine Army.[6]

Ward EpilogueEdit

The Giantess delivered some unspecified troubles to Earth Shin, presumably going out of control, due to Cryptid's arrest.[7]


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