The Chicken Tenders is the unofficial name of a group of young capes of various backgrounds.

Modus operandi Edit

The group works closely with both Breakthrough and the Undersiders. As they are young, they try to avoid jobs that are too dangerous.

Members Edit


Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

The group formed after the kids bonded during the events in which Cradle had carved them all up.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

The Ice BreaksEdit

The Chicken Tenders followed Breakthrough and the Undersiders, when they were stationed in the ruins of the Mathers compound between Titan Eve and Titan Oberon.[1] Later, when the Titans had to be distracted from each other, the Tenders were delivered back to the Wardens base with exception of Lookout, who insisted on making her scans. She was accompanied and then evacuated by the Major Malfunctions. Syndicate also provided her networking for all involved teams.[2]

The Chicken Tenders stayed at the safe location during the following battles with titans. Following Lookout's mental breakdown Chicken Little volunteered to do some errands together with Breakthrough in The Firmament.[3][4]

They were in the vicinity of the battle with The Simurgh and The Mathers Giant.[5]

On Aiden's initiative and with the help of Juliette Vasil they infected themselves with the Victoria's plague,[6] with Lookout joining in later.[7]


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