The Attendant were a hero team active in the City following Gold Morning. They have now rebranded into The Shepherds.

Methods & GoalsEdit

One of the "icon" groups, the Attendant served as a symbol of a civilian movement. Their ideology focused on moving forward slowly, with caution and remembrance of what had been lost.[1] They moved slowly, securing and improving individual neighborhoods.[1][2] The Attendant were considered politically conservative, although they may have attracted fewer religious capes than the Shepherds.[3]


The Attendant began as a single team. After absorbing the Shepherds, the plan was for the now much larger group to split into three teams with a shared approach, name and symbol.[4]

Members Edit



Formed in the two years since golden morning concluded.


After the Shepherds self-combusted, they were absorbed into the Attendant.[4] There was some debate over whether they would change their name and iconography to reflect the merge, perhaps even adopting the Shepherds' name and logo.[1][5]

This seems to be what happened.[6]


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