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After suffering some losses, and the breaking some of Jack's "rules", Bonesaw releases her Agnosia Plague into the city.

Prelude Edit

  • The Protectorate fight back against the Slaughterhouse Nine. Glory Girl gets severely injured, but refuses Panaceas help. Panacea doesn't oblige and tries to help her regardless.
  • Atlas is created by Panacea.
  • The Protectorate repeatedly carpet bomb the Slaughterhouse Nine with white phosphorus and the remaining Bakuda tech, killing both Mannequin and Crawler.

Events Edit

Bonesaw releases her citywide plague. When inhaled, it causes agnosia in the victim, making them incapable of identifying anybody else despite still having memories of them. This causes chaos, as everybody is extremely paranoid of each other.[1]

Jack Slash and Bonesaw convince Skitter that they are Tattletale and Grue.[2] Later Bonesaw's spiders are able to fatally wound Battery, however Skitter prevents the pair from finishing her off. She calls into Coil for advice, he loops in Cherish, who is able to communicate to the pair about jack's role in armageddon. Eventually, Skitter figures out the ruse but they escape.[3]

They all converge on Panacea, who is attempting to heal Glory Girl. Jack and Bonesaw are fought off, and Panacea creates a cure for the plague.[4]

Skitter spreads the cure throughout the city including to her teammates.[5]

Aftermath Edit

  • Cherish is locked into eternal punishment.
  • Hookwolf is recruited into the Slaughterhouse Nine, and they make their way north, eventually towards Boston.
  • Panacea goes into seclusion with Glory Girl to fix her. This doesn't end well.[6]
  • Battery later dies of her injuries but not before confessing everything in her past to Legend.[7]

Trivia Edit

  • The idea for the Agnosia Plague was reportedly the result of a literal Shower thought the author had.[8]


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