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Date posted 16 November 2013
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Teneral e.5 is the fifth chapter of Teneral. Teacher and Satyr enters a building, breaks out Ingenue. They escape. Lung kills Simurgh's child. Teacher meets with Marquis.


Teacher decided to be a villain and stay a villain. He infiltrates the Wardens building with Satyrical and a unnamed female heroine that was taken advantage of.

When confronting the Dragon's Teeth he threatened to unleash an explosion that he had planned.

The team gets away

Teacher watches a video of Lung entering an abandoned bunker and burning the contents of a capsule hidden within a gun.

He ruminates on villainy and madness.

Major EventsEdit

  • Teacher breaks the Truce and liberates Ingenue form Warden custody.
  • Simurgh's secret project is discovered and destroyed.
  • Teacher starts making wide ranging plans.


  • Wildbow has said in the rewrite that he will likely scrap this chapter.[1]
  • Further evidence is seen of the Wardens caging highly dangerous parahumans despite the amnesty.


Neo CauldronEdit

The WardensEdit



  1. BobTheNinja: What pisses me off more than ANYTHING here is that Marquis is willing to show genuine love for his daughter, and yet he refuses to leave behind his villainous past.
    I HATE those kinds of people, who are willing to show real kindness are caring to one or a few people in their lives, and then turn around and shit on everyone else. It's fucking infuriating.

    Wildbow: Bob - if it helps, Marquis may be playing it up or covering his ass when he's dealing with some of the other big fish.
    That epilogue is the one I'm least happy with, and I've rewritten it in edits to feature other characters. - Reply on Spacebattle

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