Teneral e.5
Date posted 16 November 2013
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Teneral e.5 is the fifth chapter of Teneral. Teacher and Satyr enters a building, breaks out Ingenue. They escape. Lung kills Simurgh's child. Teacher meets with Marquis.


Teacher decided to be a villain and stay a villain. He infiltrates the Wardens building with Satyrical and a unnamed female heroine that was taken advantage of.

When confronting the Dragon's Teeth he threatened to unleash an explosion that he had planned.

The team gets away

Teacher watches a video of Lung entering an abandoned bunker and burning the contents of a capsule hidden within a gun.

He ruminates on villainy and madness.

Major EventsEdit

  • Teacher breaks the Truce and liberates Ingenue form Warden custody
  • Simurgh's secret project is discovered and destroyed
  • Teacher starts making wide ranging plans


  • Wildbow has said in the rewrite that he will likely scrap this chapter.[citation needed]
  • Further evidence is seen of the Wardens caging high dangerous parahumans despite the amnesty.


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