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Teem is a cape of questionable allegiances working out of the City.


Teem has flirted with being both a hero and a villain in the past. It would appear that he is attracted to the 'jackass cape' way of life, as he had spent some time with the Crowley Fallen.

Abilities and Powers[]

Teem has a Master ability that allows him to create a veritable tide of low-grade minions.[1] He can produce thousands at a time, and they can range from the size of a quarter to the size of a bear. The pure mass of them was able to give even Titan a pause.[2]

Teem can also fly. He uses it to pour his minions on targets.[3]


Post-Ice Break[]

Teem assisted in the fight against Titan Eve, Titan Oberon, and Titan Skadi.


  1. Teem was the fifth of our six ‘annihilators’, though I was more of the opinion that Solarstare and Teem weren’t quite in that bracket. He was more independent, circling around looking for opportunities. Teem had flirted with joining heroes and villains at different points, with the closest call to actual commitment being when he’d stuck with the Crowley Fallen for a bit. That he gravitated toward the ‘jackass’ type cape and seemed so reluctant to actually commit to anything, including a serious attack against a Titan left me with a less than stellar view of the guy. When he did act, he produced a tide of what looked like all the master minions that had gone from the drawing board to the trash bin. Too small, too weak, missing essential parts… Most were so dumb they fell or wandered into the cracks in reality. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.6
  2. I was distracted by Teem, who was airborne, his silhouette barely visible behind the output of what had to be thousands of minions ranging from the size of a quarter to the size of a bear. Titan Eve stumbled, and her wall began to break up. Skadi gouged her. The tide of creatures turned on Skadi, and made her buckle. Some, it seemed, were clinging and doing a bit of damage. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.6
  3. She slashed Oberon along the back while he was using his shockwaves to tear through the tide of Teem’s minions that poured down from high above. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.6

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