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Tecton is the leader of the Chicago Wards team.


Everett is a natural leader, but he is just as willing to defer leadership to someone else as he is to take it upon himself. He is understanding and empathetic in nature, which lends to his tendency to mediate conflicts between team members. Above all else, he is fair. He stands for justice, even if it means bending the rules on occasion, although he ultimately trusts his superiors and their reasoning.[5]

Everett dislikes being referred to as a "tech geek" and resents the stereotype which accompanies his tinker classification.[6] He still does not like to have his intelligence insulted, just like everyone else.[7]



Learned a lot from the Case 53, which helped him advance far and fast as a tinker.[8]


A good friend of his; Tecton mourned his passing.


First met Taylor when she was still Skitter. He became friends with the former villain and did a lot of work together, though whether they became real friends is an open question. She would replace his friend Raymancer as co-leader of the Wards, regardless of regulations given her probational status.


Tecton wears bulky power armor in a glossy rust-brown[9] with brass highlights. He is roughly seven feet tall in the armor as it puts him head, shoulders, and chest above Taylor, who stood roughly five feet ten inches at the time, when standing perfectly straight. It has heavy piledriver gauntlets with visible spikes and pistons. His helmet covers his face, but not the back of his head, with a single lens on a telescoping nozzle, dead center.[10] His eyes are visible and reachable though it.

Abilities and Powers[]

Everett is a tinker who specializes in creating power armor suits,[4] see equipment below. He also has Thinker abilities when it comes to sensing and intuiting architecture and geology.[11] For example he could create controlled collapses to cancel out shock waves created by Behemoth,[12] or tell how best to take down a particular building.[13] Thanks to his power armor, and the data collected from Gully, Tecton effectively has shaker capabilities; the suit allows him to ‘ground’ kinetic energy,[3] allowing Tecton to create controlled collapses that can explode.[14]

Further examples of his power includes when he uses his piledriver gauntlets to send kinetic energy into the earth and other solids for a variety of effects. This includes but is not limited to create fissures to sink and hold back enemies.[15] Consequently he is less effective when the medium he is using is soft, such as sands and similar.[16] He can also generate localized earthquakes, and cause controlled demolition of buildings.[17][18]

Like Gully, he could create ground protrusions to form barriers and similar. He lacked her precision though.[19]

More important is his grasp of tactics and leadership allowing his team to function more cohesively.


Equipment Features
  • He wears a large tank like suit. It allows him to move much easier and faster then he should.
  • Another one was made to deal with common vectors of tinker nulification
  • Piledriver Gauntlets are how he manipulates earth and send out kinetic energy. The knuckle extenders can be used separately for physical attacks.
  • Tecton can not create a 'megaproject' like other tinkers, such as creating Nano-thorns,[20] it is unknown if he could upgrade his armor into a mech.[21]
    • Kinetic manipulation
      • Distruction micro-tremors and fissures.
    • Terrakinetic manipulation
      • Raise Walls of Shelves from the ground.

He uses the kinetic force of his pile drivers as a vector for launching teammates and other items such as nets.[22] His suit gives him advanced strength and durability,[23] Letting him go toe to toe with enhanced capes like Hatchet Face.[24] Without worrying about the loss of his tinker powers from the brute's trump cancellation effect.



Presumably a natural trigger, may have been bullied given his tinker specialty.[4][25]

Worked with Gully, from the San Diego Wards, in the past. He claims to only be as strong as he is because of the data he got while studying her power.[8] At some point he joined the Chicago Wards and became a co-leader with Raymancer.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

The Chicago Wards were called in to help fight a new S-Class threat in Brockton Bay. They were directed to pair with the Undersiders by Miss Militia. Later, Tecton made the choice to join the Undersiders in abandoning their armbands and defending Eidolon, showing a degree of trust in the villains. During the Echidna battle, Tecton emphasized organization, trust, and communication between the participating groups.

He fought Echidna one on one with some help from Eidolon and Grace. She eventually overwhelmed him however.[26] He was freed a short time later by Weld.[27]


Tecton fights with Weaver and several others in New York during one of Weaver's field assessments.[28]

He later asks to have Weaver placed on the Chicago Wards team, and defers leadership to her during the Behemoth attack in New Delhi. After having his team gutted, he built his new team with the intent of having a more synergetic power line-up (like the New York 'lancer' teams, etc.), rather than trying to have a wide power spread, like other Wards teams. He thinks they need a "certain kind of leader" to make this work. He knows Skitter pulled it off with the Undersiders, and hopes Weaver can do the same for this team.

Planned a successful operation against the Folk and carried out several more roll outs in the area around the city to put criminal groups down.


Deployed against The Twins where his loadout and powers proved useful.[29]


Tecton becomes a member of the Protectorate, and tries to convince his long-time teammate to join as well.

Deployed against The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.

Helped Golem against his first test by causing controlled demolitions on a building some slaughterhouse members were operating out of.[13]

Over all he acquitted himself well against the innumerable threats involved.

Gold Morning[]

He was seen in the early engagements, was not seen at the end.

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Queen 18.1 Absent
2. Queen 18.2 Absent
x. Interlude 18.x Absent
3. Queen 18.3 Absent
4. Queen 18.4 Absent
y. Interlude 18.y Absent
5. Queen 18.5 Debut
6. Queen 18.6 Appears
z. Interlude 18.z Absent
7. Queen 18.7 Appears
8. Queen 18.8 Appears
f. Interlude 18.f Absent
i. Interlude 18 Appears
1. Scourge 19.1 Appears
2. Scourge 19.2 Appears
3. Scourge 19.3 Appears
x. Interlude 19.x Absent
4. Scourge 19.4 Absent
5. Scourge 19.5 Appears
6. Scourge 19.6 Absent
7. Scourge 19.7 Appears
y. Interlude 19.y Absent
z. Interlude 19.z Absent
1. Drone 23.1 Appears
2. Drone 23.2 Absent
3. Drone 23.3 Absent
4. Drone 23.4 Absent
5. Drone 23.5 Appears
x. Interlude 23 Absent
1. Crushed 24.1 Appears
2. Crushed 24.2 Appears
3. Crushed 24.3 Appears
4. Crushed 24.4 Appears
5. Crushed 24.5 Appears
x. Interlude 24.x Appears
y. Interlude 24.y Appears
1. Scarab 25.1 Appears
2. Scarab 25.2 Appears
3. Scarab 25.3 Appears
4. Scarab 25.4 Appears
5. Scarab 25.5 Appears
6. Scarab 25.6 Appears
x. Interlude 25 Absent
1. Sting 26.1 Appears
2. Sting 26.2 Appears
3. Sting 26.3 Mentioned
x. Interlude 26.x Absent
4. Sting 26.4 Absent
5. Sting 26.5 Appears
6. Sting 26.6 Appears
a. Interlude 26a Appears
b. Interlude 26b Appears
y. Interlude 26 Appears
1. Extinction 27.1 Appears
2. Extinction 27.2 Absent
3. Extinction 27.3 Absent
4. Extinction 27.4 Absent
5. Extinction 27.5 Absent
x. Interlude 27.x Absent
y. Interlude 27.y Absent
1. Cockroaches 28.1 Absent
2. Cockroaches 28.2 Absent
3. Cockroaches 28.3 Absent
4. Cockroaches 28.4 Absent
5. Cockroaches 28.5 Absent
6. Cockroaches 28.6 Absent
x. Interlude 28 Appears
1. Venom 29.1 Appears
2. Venom 29.2 Absent
3. Venom 29.3 Absent
4. Venom 29.4 Absent
5. Venom 29.5 Absent
6. Venom 29.6 Absent
7. Venom 29.7 Absent
8. Venom 29.8 Absent
9. Venom 29.9 Absent
x. Interlude 29 Absent

Fanart Gallery[]


  • Tecton derives his name from 'tectonic,' a name of Greek origin that relates to building and construction, as well as the more modern geology usage when discussing tectonic plate activity.
  • Copies of Tecton by Echidna are given the name 'Temblor', a word of Spanish origin that means Earthquake, mirroring how Tecton deals with seismic forces.[30]


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    “And you? Tinker?” Grue asked.

    “Tinker and thinker both. Architecture and geology sense. Armor lets me ‘ground’ kinetic energy like you might do with electricity. These are piledriver gauntlets,” he patted one gauntlet, “For creating fissures, generating localized earthquakes and other controlled demolition.” - Excerpt from Queen 18.5
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    “Myrddin will do that.”

    “Maybe,” I said. “But are you really willing to trust the well-being of your teammate to a supervisor? Wouldn’t it feel better to handle it yourself?”

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    “-You’re totally not the one who gets to order me around,” Romp replied. “Deal with it.”


    “Maybe if I come with?” Tecton offered. “I’ll distract whoever Dr. baby-talk is, and you can talk to Miss Militia about dosing your dogs.”

    “Or you can tell me what you were going to write down and I memorize it,” Rachel said.

    A few people in the group exchanged glances.

    “Really simple solution,” Rachel said. Except now she was talking to us like we were the idiots.

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    Toppled towards Screamer and Cherish.

    In that same moment, Chuckles made an appearance. He moved so fast it was almost as though he teleported, appearing beside the two girls. My bugs barely had time to make contact and try to get a sense of him before he was moving again, holding the two villains this time.

    They jerked to a stop. I felt a fraction of the same confusion Chuckles no doubt did. I sensed his arms, extended to ridiculous lengths. He realized they were caught, bound to the computers. Too entangled to take along.

    And then he was gone, out of the building as the hand struck home. Two floors crushed, the two villains crushed with them.

    Tecton had provided the calculations on what the building could withstand, I’d provided the general data and information on where the hostages were. The damage was controlled, the hand crashing a specific, certain distance into the building before coming to a halt. - Excerpt form Sting 26.2
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    Tecton took a half-step forward, but Gully stopped him. She tapped her shovel against the ground, and the area in question rose from the ground, perfectly cylindrical, three feet high.


    She rested the cylinder with the vaguely pointed bottom down on the ground, tapped her finger on the top – what had been the road's surface. - Excerpt from Scourge 19.3
  20. The Templar Tinker (Combat x Combat)
    A general specialist with access to a branch of tinkertech, the Templar is a combat tinker through and through. Emphasizing short ranged tools and weapons, the Templar has exceptional power armor, melee weapons, and a small assortment of ranged weapons with a maximum range of 20’ or so. Use of melee weapons and meeting certain other combat-limited criteria generates a charge, which the tinker can use to get a temporary advantage or activate special features. Depending on the melee weapon or criteria, the Templar may generate a charge every hit or every two hits. Not all items will have a way to utilize charges.

    Draws on a specialty, dipping into related fields. The tinker’s power armor is potent, always having the Armor and Heavy qualities, giving 2-3 additional wounds by way of armor.
    With the exception of the utility/combat item, the tinker has no difficulty building anything on the above list. Said item typically deviates from the tinker’s combat focus somewhat - being a drone, vehicle, or the like. Researching new melee weapons and power armor is 133% effective (carries over, will unveil a free, random weapon/armor after three builds), new guns and patterns are 100% effective, and new utility/combat items are 75% effective - generally drawing on excess % from prior builds or taking several goes to perform effectively.

    Branch specialties can be researched or picked up with scans, to limited effect. Scanning unique parahuman effects will produce weapon, armor, gun or utility item ideas (research % focused in one or spread among several, 50% effect for utility), Alternately, will unveil a new specialty if the effect is related to branch, or give progress to a branch spec if they aren’t related to branch. Megaprojects cannot be built. Vehicles only if they’re the combat/utility item. - TEMPLAR TINKER, Excerpt from document by Wildbow.
  21. Power armor is actually mechanically powered movement. As in, if the power was cut off, the wearer couldn't actually move, or would move at a fifth the rate they might outside the armor. Tecton wears power armor & runs into this at one point (IIRC post-shatterbird). Think Space Marine rather than Iron man. Regular tinkers, Kid win, Gallant, Armsmaster, Hero and the like generally wear bodysuits with tech and some degree of armor integrated into them.

    Toybox, the sentai elite, Dragon and some scattered Endbringer fight participants have mechs. Distinguished from power armor in that they're closer to being vehicles that can walk and usually have cockpits or control panels.

    Power armor is usually relegated to combat-heavy tinkers, but maybe half of tinkers can work toward it eventually, if they want to research in that direction. Mechs are, barring it being an actual specialty for the tinker, halfway along the road between normal tinkerings and megaprojects. The culmination of half a year to a year of research, work, fabrication, resource gathering & other hurdle jumping (including in keeping the shard happy). Maybe 1 in 20 tinkers can theoretically & readily make mechs without taking a convoluted path, and maybe half of those who have careers long enough to count actually do so at any point. - How common is it for tinkers to try to build power armor/mechs? (Wildbow, reddit.com, 2017-07-22)
  22. Cuff was helping Tecton stand, using her metallokinesis to push at his armor. Once he was standing, they worked together to outfit Tecton with one of the specialized shots we’d prepared.

    The Mannequin wasn’t going to go down to fast moving projectiles or short-range attacks.

    They’d take him down the same way I’d fought him ages ago.

    Tecton used his piledrivers as a sort of gun, launching two cup-shaped hunks of metal with material strung between them.

    The net unfolded in the air, and it draped over the Mannequin. Spider Silk and metal wire interwoven. It caught on the ice and the extended blades, and snagged on fingers and chains.

    The Mannequin was still struggling to escape when Chevalier slowly closed the gap, bringing his sword down like a great guillotine. - Excerpt for Sting 26.5
  23. Tecton pushed the door open, splintering the lock and snapping the chain with just the strength of his power armor. - Excerpt from Drone 23.1
  24. “Direct your attacks on the Hatchet Face, now!” I ordered.

    A piledriver-gauntlet hit him, followed by another. Cuff used a discus to slash at his throat, but it barely cut.

    He was still alive – his power wasn’t canceled out.

    The Mannequin let blades extend from his wrists and elbows. Not long, sleek, elegant blades like the original Mannequin had used, but heavy, crude ones, like axe heads. Cuff screamed as he brought one down onto her armored shoulder. She folded over in an awkward way as she collapsed to the ground.

    He spun around, almost skipped to one side to avoid Tecton, then directed attacks at Romp.

    She took shelter behind her no-longer-animated creation, and the Mannequin-thing turned away, directing his attention at Tecton, who was trying to bash the Hatchet Face’s head in. It was a narrow window of opportunity, here. The other, injured Hatchet Face was approaching. If he didn’t manage it in five or so seconds, there would be two to contend with.

    A heavy bullet caught the Mannequin in the back of the head. Ice cascaded out the back in a giant spike.

    Tecton used the opportunity to slam the upper ridge of his gauntlet into the Hatchet Face’s mouth and extend the piledriver full-force.

    That did it. - Excerpt from Sting 26.5
    • The Templar, a power-armor wearing tinker, with weapon options being primarily melee or very short ranged, forcing the tinker to get into the fray. A shard-gear link allows the tinker to charge up gear for special actions by attacking in melee.

    Combat tinkers arise from a threat to one’s person, of a physical nature. Such threats exist over the long-term, but typically require a special element to make them into a tinker trigger rather than another classification with long-term context: the threat has to be present for a time, be relentless, or have a problem-solving aspect tied into it.
    Helplessness and frustration are common elements here, as are close relations to the attacker.

    A key element here is the aspect of melee vs. range vs. defense, both in the long and the short term. - COMBAT TINKERS, Excerpt from document by Wildbow.
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    Grace and Tecton fell, and Weld dropped after them. He turned the blade of one hand into a scythe, then chopped a segment of Echidna’s foot free. With one motion of the scythe, he sent Tecton, Regent and some of the dogs skidding our way, sliding them on the vomit-slick floor like a hockey player might with a puck on ice. - Excerpt from Scourge 19.1
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  28. There was a distant sound of something massive crumbling. I now knew it was Tecton, tearing through the area. I’d be using bugs to direct him to trapped citizens. I was avoiding the terrain features, he was simply plowing his way through them, doing maximum damage. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  29. Interlude 18

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