Team Reach, or just Reach, was a corporate hero team active prior to Gold Morning.

Modus operandiEdit

A typical if successful corporate team. They operated over a wide area, originally in the state of Maryland but spreading out form there.[2]


Operated much like a protectorate team, answerable to an onsite supervisor. Though they were more lax with costume coverage and probably had more dedicated personnel.

They were situated in the block.[1]

PRT ResponseEdit

The Youth Guard kept tabs on the organization, especially because of the high ranks they had.


Name Description
Capricorn A Case 70, Tristan and Byron Vera, they could summon materials like metal and stone or gas, water and ice. Tristan had an ongoing conflict with Moonsong, while Byron was close to her.[3] Close with Furcate.[4] Had left the team prior to Gold Morning.[5]
Moonsong Could create multiple overlapping gravity conditions. Had recurring conflicts with Capricorn and Furcate; Capricorn considers them judgemental. Lives in a town where her father is "taking a shot at mayor or councilman". As of Ward, had joined The Attendant.[6]
Tribute Is able to enhance persons speed, strength and intellect at distance in detriment to his owns.[7]As of Ward, had joined the Attendant.[6]
Figurehead Combat-thinker, which reads strangers, but gets more inconclusive results from familiar people.[7] Had well-known issues with being mind-controlled.[8] Had semi-retired after Gold Morning.[8][9]
Boundless Graduated to the adult team. Deceased.[9]
Steamwheel Mousy girl-tinker who created huge steam powered war suits. Went rogue.[9]
Coiffure Possessed a fine control of her hair movement.[7] Had an unusually heroic, inspiring personality.[10][11] Did not survive Gold Morning.[9]
Furcate They are able to split up to four individuals with varying degrees of shared traits between them.[7] Referred to as "they" or "them". Had friction with Moonsong. Did not survive Gold Morning.

Two of them are vial capes.[12]



Reach was a sponsored hero team.[13] They had a recurring pair of nemeses called Scritch and Scratch.[14] The team had a therapist, and engaged in regular merchandising and fundraising.[3][15] They had a good reputation, and seemed to be fairly well-known.[15]

At some point, Capricorn left the team when one of the Vera twins, Tristan, apparently "lost it" and was arrested with a murder charge.[16][17] Several other members were recruited following Capricorn's arrest.[5]

Gold MorningEdit

Coiffure was killed in one of the initial strikes on the East coast,[10] along with her mother and two siblings. Her father survived the attack.

Furcate chose to fight on Gold Morning, and died in Moonsong's arms.

Capricorn was "dragged into" the fight, but survived.[18]

The team's nemeses, Scritch and Scratch, were killed by an unspecified group during a lull in the fighting.[14]


When Parahumans Online reactivated, Moonsong posted a thread with eulogies and updates.[18] They did not plan to reassemble the team, feeling there was little place for corporate heroes in the new world.[13] By a couple years after Gold Morning, former Team Reach members Moonsong and Tribute had joined the Shepherds, while Tristan had been attending group therapy.[6]


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