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Taylor Anne Hebert,[1] pronounced "Hee-bert",[2] is the main character of Worm.[3]



Taylor is initially a shy and awkward teenage girl with a keen interest in capes. She looked forward to the part of her World Issues class where they discussed capes "since the start of the semester".[4] She had seemingly never heard of Trigger Events, but this may have been a mistake by the author.[5]

She was "'surviving', for lack of a better word," from the point her mother died, and then surviving from the point she started getting bullied -- she just wanted to get by. She responded to stress with silence and withdrawal.[6][7] She was starved for touch.[8] She suspected that she would hurt herself before she hurt the Trio.[9] However, Wildbow has stated that if she hadn't triggered, Taylor would likely have simply stopped going to school rather than harming herself.[10]

She was afraid of illegal drugs, saying she "had this sense" that they were like "an unstoppable black hole". Just the idea of being around someone that was high made her mildly anxious.[11] She disliked taking painkiller pills because they never seemed to make a difference.[12]

She is a "nonbeliever", as opposed to an 'atheist', when it comes to religion, as the subject is not something she puts a great deal of thought into and certainly not to the point where she'd label herself an 'atheist'. Due to her habit of looking to people in charge to blame when things become bleak and messed up, it would be a stretch for her to be faithful in a world with poor conditions like Worm.[13]

Taylor is canonically heterosexual.[14]

Story Start[]

She has shown some insecurity in her femininity, describing her long, dark curly hair as her "only feminine feature".[4] She would always stress over choosing her clothes.[15]

She had a tendency to throw herself into danger without considering the consequences to herself, that could easily have resulted in her death had it persisted.[16]

Taylor considered joining the Wards, but felt that "the notion of escaping the stresses of high school by flinging myself into a mess of teenage drama, adult oversight and schedules seemed self-defeating".[17] She had no trust in organized institutions, and felt happier having some independence and control.[18]

She had increasing difficulty attending school.[19] Sometimes she would make deals with herself to attend for part of the day, then convince herself to attend for more.[20]

Tattletale noted that she seemed to "gravitate toward solitude", and that she seemed oblivious to people staring at her as Skitter, perhaps because she had spent so long assuming everyone was staring at her as a result of her poor self-confidence. Tattletale believed that Taylor would be better at using Tattletale's power than she was.[21]

Post Leviathan[]

She suffered from nightmares.[22] Shocked by the city's devestation, Skitter focused on establishing her new territory and finding a way to retain "employees", despite other demands on her time such as negotiating with Coil over future plans.

Post Slaughterhouse Nine[]

She was known for reviewing previous fights to see how she could have done things differently or if some new trick she learned could have taken care of the situation.[23]

Taylor started to take the lead more in engagements the Undersiders participated in. Eventually taking the lead when dealing with Dragon.


Taylor had time to reconnect with her dad, but still had some guilt about the distance in their relationship. She met Emma at school and was surprised to see how her view of her tormentor had changed because of recent events.

After Dragon's return visit, while angry she tried to find a way to compromise after the event by turning herself in. It didn't go well. But eventually her faith in the system was restored somewhat.

As the negotiations turned into extortion and interrogation, a crisis started to form. However it was defused and in its wake, Taylor had achieved what she felt was necessary: a stronger front against the Endbringers and End of the World scenario. She stated “This is what I want to do, above all else," and would commit to joining the effort under the new name of Weaver.[24]


She is noted to be cold, distant, exceptionally driven, and even ruthless by many characters.[25]

She became concerned that her passenger was influencing her behaviour.[26][27][28] She even blamed ordinary emotions on her passenger.[29] She tried hypnosis and bartering with it to control it, to no avail. Eventually she made a kind of peace with it.[30]

Gold Morning[]

Taylor's sanity begins to rapidly fracture after her Corona pollentia was 'de-regulated' by Panacea. Panacea's alterations reduce the range but dramatically increase the power of Taylor's control, at the cost of the 'limiter' on Queen Administrator that prevents Taylor's powers from harming her. The consequences of the loss of the 'limiter' are fundamental. She immediately loses the ability to speak, read, or write and continues to degrade over the course of Gold Morning, eventually losing the ability to understand spoken dialogue.[31]

Shards have a pre-programmed drive to cause conflict. The loss of the limiters on Taylor's Queen Administrator shard cause this quality of her power to excessively bleed into her personality. She loses the ability to understand basic human emotional cues and bodily language, ultimately interpreting nearly any and all forms of human interaction as fighting or conflict. Driven into near-total insanity by her powers, she resolves to take over the disparate Earths in order to finally have peace, but is convinced to peacefully retreat into a self-imposed exile by several heroes, including Narwhal, Rachel, Imp, Tattletale, and Glastig Ulaine.[32]

By the end of Gold Morning, the boundaries between Taylor and the Queen Administrator shard have worn thin. Queen Administrator is able to speak and communicate through Taylor, using Taylor's own voice. [33] Contessa compares her to other parahumans who have lost control of themselves due to the personality bleed-over from an unleashed shard. Echidna, Glastig Ulaine, and the Ash Beast are Contessa's examples of parahumans that Taylor now resembles. Taylor has by this point so degraded that she can only communicate through the assistance of powers, and needs to exert effort in order to be able to communicate as herself, instead of allowing her shard to speak for her.

Taylor ultimately expresses regret for the long chain of decisions she's made, starting from her first meeting with Armsmaster, and culminating in Scion's defeat. At a certain point the losses of friends and the moral compromises became too much, though not even she knows when or where the balance was tipped. Taylor says, in the end, that if she had a way to do it all over again, she would find a way to be a hero differently, a way to do it all better and not pay the prices she was forced to pay.[34]

Afterwards, Taylor appears to be unpowered and dumped into an isolated reality along with her father. She met an alternate version of her mother there. [35]



Taylor had a strained relationship with the students of Winslow High. Because she was bullied extensively by "other girls and a small handful of boys" with the "trio" - Madison Clements, Sophia Hess, and Emma Barnes[4] acting as the ringleaders, she was reluctant to make friends and believed that boys didn't like her.[4] She speculates that the few boys that bullied her sought approval from three of the prettier and more popular girls.[4]

As Weaver, Taylor visits Ms. Yamada for therapy. The public start to see Weaver as a hero following the New Delhi battle.[citation needed]


Taylor disliked Mr. Gladly viewing him as one of the ‘popular kids' who had become a teacher.[4]

Mrs. Knott, who taught Computer sciences, was Taylor's favourite teacher.[36][37]

Taylor's Bullies[]

Madison Clements, Sophia Hess, and Emma Barnes - The Trio of students responsible for bullying Taylor. Emma was Taylor's best friend from first grade to middle school, the two girls stayed at each other's houses every weekend.[9] Upon entering high school, Emma suddenly abandoned her for Sophia and Madison. The three then tormented her - Sophia physically, Madison superficially and Emma emotionally. Because Emma knew some of Taylor's psychological weaknesses, such as the death of Mrs. Hebert, she was the only one really able to hurt Taylor.

Taylor resisted attacking the trio with her powers, no matter how much she wanted to.[4] She considered the thought of her father's disappointment on seeing that she had attacked the Trio "daunting" but less than her anger and frustration with them. After facing the likes of Coil and the Slaughterhouse 9 Taylor was able to overcome Emma's emotional attacks; following Taylor's public outing as Skitter Emma broke down. Emma Barnes' parents and sister blame Taylor for their daughter's eventual death.

Madison would ultimately come to regret her actions after learning that Taylor had become Skitter, feeling somewhat responsible for the path of violence that Taylor had taken. She would ultimately reach out to various heroes hoping to gain more information but was rebuffed. Eventually Victoria gave her some answers, saying that she would never know whether her actions had ultimately saved the world or not.

Danny Hebert[]

They develop a somewhat strained relationship after she becomes Skitter. but repair it over the time she acted as Weaver. She always saw his teachings as a source of strength.

Territory employees[]

After saving Charlotte from the Merchants, she loyally looks after Skitter's base and reports daily to her. While Skitter is thankful for her help and loyalty, but isn't sure how to show her appreciation to her.


Before becoming a cape, Taylor was, in her younger days, a big fan of Alexandria and Armsmaster. As a member of the Undersiders she becomes close friends with Tattletale, Grue, and Rachel (Hellhound/Bitch). She has a somewhat more distant relationship with Regent, due to being somewhat unsettled by him.

Taylor and Grue become romantically involved after the events of the Slaughterhouse Nine arc, but the relationship is short-lived and fizzles due to dramatically different levels of potential investment in the relationship. Where Grue was unwilling to make it a 'serious' relationship, Taylor very much was.

Taylor and Clockblocker share a vaguely respectful mutual relationship despite being enemies, a connection forged by fighting with or against one another several times. This connection becomes obvious to the point that civilian rumors begin to circulate of a romantic relationship between the two. Taylor is also close to Golem, serving as something of a mentor figure. She also spends a large amount of her time with Chicago wards but is considered not to be as close with them as she is with the Undersiders. As Weaver, Taylor visits Ms. Yamada for therapy. The civilian public begins to see Weaver as a hero following the Behemoth battle and Glenn Chamber's unauthorized release of her POV video of the battle.

After the time-skip, she is close to Golem, serving as something of a mentor figure. She also spends a large amount of her time with Chicago wards but is considered not to be as close with them as she is with the Undersiders. After recovering from her injuries during the oil-rig battle, Taylor collects a team of parahumans with a semi-rotating membership from capes she had known in the past. This group includes Lung, Tattletale, Shadow Stalker, Cuff, Tecton, and Canary at different points.


He was the first real Cape that Taylor worked with. She loses her respect for him after he betrays her, and they later become brutal enemies. After gaining perspective, Armsmaster apologizes to her (which catches her off guard.) Afterwards they're able to have a civil (if not friendly) relationship.


Alexandria was Taylor's favourite heroine when she was a kid.[38] When she was nine, she went through a phase where she wore an Alexandria t-shirt and had her mom help her look up pictures of Alexandria online; the only time she had ever been a fan of a particular hero.[39]

She developed a fractious relationship with the hero which turned dangerous a bit before Taylor began her career as Weaver.

Lisa "Tattletale" Wilbourn[]

Lisa is one of the first to trust Taylor from their first meeting and eventually becomes her closest friend. Despite some a few later misgivings over Tattletale's morals, especially when she suddenly unveils her more audacious plans, Taylor generally accepts her reasons and trusts her to do the right thing. In turn Lisa is somewhat protective of her because of two reasons: her past, and her involvement in recruiting Skitter.

Brian "Grue" Laborn[]

Taylor develops a crush on him and the two date for awhile. After the timeskip, though they have long since separated, she is still surprised to see that he had moved on with someone else.

Rachel "Bitch" Lindt[]

The two initially have a rocky relationship, but by the end of Worm, Taylor is one of the few Rachel could call a friend.

Taylor eventually came to think of Rachel by her name instead of her cape appellation.[40]

Alec "Regent" Vasil[]

Taylor is wary of Regent's ways. She knows that he's sociopathic and considers his membership on the Undersiders a necessary evil.[citation needed] She acknowledges his power is useful, but doesn't fully accept its moral implications.

Aisha "Imp" Laborn []

Taylor thinks she's annoying, but tolerates her out of respect for her brother. They develop a close personal relationship later on.[citation needed]


Taylor is extremely distrustful of Coil because he involved the Undersiders in a kidnapping (albeit indirectly), but depends on his funding and supplies. As his plan to dominate the city comes to fruition, their conflict puts her increasingly on edge.

Skitter works to save Dinah Alcott. While unfortunately she works for the PRT, she harbors no regrets or ill will towards the thinker.


Skitter comes to know and talk with all of the Travelers, who cautiously respect her. She first meets Sundancer while fighting at the ABB warehouse, but unnerved her by disfiguring Lung. Likewise, she doesn't seem to get along too well with Trickster nor Ballistic, who don't trust her motives and are suspicious of her. Genesis is more neutral but later sensing Skitter's agitation with Coil, becomes guarded.


Complicated. While she disliked the Undersiders due to the bank argument, she would later come around. Because of the Nine, she gifted Skitter with Atlas and Relay bugs to cover her weaknesses. Though these were meant to be temporary they helped her escape the firebombs.

Miss Militia[]

They would cooperate to some extent, Miss Militia's attitude as leader of the local heroes more amenable than that of her colleagues. During the Echidna fight Skitter often informed her of urgent developments and did get understanding if not acceptance from the pragmatic hero. Like Defiant, she was sympathetic to the worst of Skitter's treatment as a cape, including the PRT order to unmask her. Thus she would be somewhat involved in Skitter's Surrender, although Skitter begrudged her decision to avoid influencing the ongoing negotiations.


Despite his earlier betrayal, Defiant becomes something of a friend to Taylor, or at least a respected colleague. He and Dragon work to create her equipment and ferry her from place to place, at least partly as an apology. Their relationship is purely business.


Civilian Identity[]

Taylor was a tall,[41] stick-thin,[42][43] young woman with long, curly black hair[44][42][45][46] and glasses. She had a thin-lipped, wide, expressive mouth she inherited from her mother, and her large eyes and gawky figure made her look a lot like her father.[4][7] According to Wildbow's Patreon art, she has brown eyes.[47] She was approximately 5'8" at the story's outset.[2], but grew to 5'9 at the time of her Wards physical[48], and then later 5'10.[49]

Taylor didn't wear clothes that showed skin, or bright colors. Emma presumed this was an unconscious effort to blend in or hide.[44] Lisa Wilbourn came to a similar conclusion.[50] At various times, she wore a brown hooded sweatshirt over a green t-shirt.[4]

As time went on and under the influence of Lisa Wilbourn, she began to vary her wardrobe more. Learning to vary her appearance to blend into situations. She also grew taller and gained some muscle from her training regime and activities as a parahuman.[51] The fact that she didn't need to turn her head to look at things gave her a false appearance of extreme confidence.[52]

Parahuman Identity[]

Image by Ariirf

As Skitter, Taylor wore various costumes made of spider silk.

Initially, she wears a black-and-grey spider silk bodysuit with armor panels made out of insect shells and exoskeletons augmented with more spider silk. [9] She dyes it black with grey paneling before she goes out.[53]

The yellow lenses of her mask are durable, high-end swim goggles tinted to help filter out bright lights, with lenses from an old pair of her glasses sealed inside with silicon.[54] Her mask leaves the back of her head uncovered and her hair free to fly behind her.[55]

The costume lacks the full extent of the armor paneling she planned, including protection for the back of her head, but the armor covers her face, chest, spine, stomach and major joints (including wrists, shoulders, elbows and knees).[53] Each had "layers" resembling a pillbug.[56] The mask design features dull yellow lenses and sections of armor designed to imitate a bug’s mandibles.[57][58]

She kept her costume clean by having bugs eat and clean any waste and wiping it down with a cloth.[59]

The spider-silk fabric is too tough to cut with an x-acto knife, although it can be slowly cut through using wire cutters.[9] It was mostly waterproof.[59] Prior to dying, the costume's prototype had fabric that was a dirty yellow-gray color, and the armor was naturally a dark mottled brown-gray.[9]

Taylor has a utility compartment for storing necessary items, weapons, and insects in the shape of a spade-shaped armor panel that covers her back.[57], Taylor's backpack contains "a set of EpiPens, a pen and notepad, a tube of pepper spray meant to hang off a key chain and a zippered pouch of chalk dust."[57] In Queen 18.3, Miss Militia takes a look at the contents and sees: A handgun (Trickster's spare), a length of spider silk fashioned into a long cord, pepper spray, a change purse, containing cotton swabs (to muffle the noise), needles, smelling salts, and change, a collapsible baton, and a combat knife (sturdy enough to be used as a crowbar if needed).

When her costume was damaged fighting the Nine, she added a makeshift silk skirt[60][61] and a cape/shawl.[62][63][64][65][66]

Later, after a redesign, she incorporated clawed fingertips into her costume.[67]

She first wears a generic version of her costume created by Dragon, which lacks the armor of her earlier costume simply being a light grey bodysuit with cleaner, slim dark grey armor panels. The mantle around her shoulders and the cloth hanging from her belt are marked in electric blue with her personal gang emblem (a beetle facing downwards) in miniature at each corner, flipped upside down so that it faces upward.[24]

When she deployed against Behemoth in New Delhi, she re-used her old Skitter costume so she would have proper protection.[68] Defiant also equipped her with a flight pack which she would use for the rest of her career, replacing her utility compartment. The flight pack has antigravity wings resembling dragonfly wings which fold at the joints, antigravity panels on the bottom and sides, and mechanical arms. There are controls hidden in her gloves, as well as redundant control systems inside operated by bugs.[68]

After The Timeskip Weaver was properly outfitted with a silk body suit and her usual armor. Her later costume had extra armor, with a coil of silk hidden beneath an armor panel at the back of the hand.[67] Wildbow had her down in his notes as 5’8″ (175 cm), 125 lbs (56 kg) during her stay in prison[69]. According to her Wards physical, she was five feet and nine inches tall.[48] She later described herself as a hundred and thirty pounds and 5'10".[49]

After the Timeskip, she wears a spider-silk version of her Weaver costume. After it's partially destroyed during the oil-rig battle, she wears a costume that combines elements of several provisional costumes she had created in different color schemes.

During the oil-rig battle, she wore a black bodysuit with white armor panels and lenses. She carried primarily symbolic weapons - a handgun, taser, and pepper spray - and wore her flight pack.[67] Afterward, she wore a similar costume, including flight pack.[70][71] She carried the same tube of pepper spray, rescued from the remains of her previous costume.[70] She carried a knife in a holster, and supplemented it with a nano-thorn knife created by Defiant.[71]

Khepri by Superwhity

Recovering from the Oil-rig battle Taylor wears a black bodysuit with white armor panels and lenses.[67] As Khepri she is missing her right arm, and appears to not be able to control her body very well. Throughout the fight with Scion, she usually had Doormaker and Clairvoyant attached to her, though when Doormaker ran out of energy for his power, she left him behind.

The name of Khepri was first seen when Contessa refers to Taylor as such, after the fight with Scion has concluded. [72]

Abilities and Powers[]

Taylor possesses a form of telepathy that transmits and recieves information via. yet-unknown-channels[73] that grants her total control over most arthropods.[74] So although she usually controls a variety of insects, she can also control a number sea creatures such as Crabs, Lobsters, and Krill,[75] some Mollusca like slugs and snails[76], and can even control certain in-body parasites such as heartworms.[77]

Double Trigger[]

According to Number Man, Taylor has had a Double Trigger, where a person triggers twice back-to-back; the sheer trauma of her first trigger causing a second one. As such, she is unable to have a Second Trigger to become more powerful, since she already had one.[78]

Had she not undergone this double trigger, her bug control would have been much cruder and less skilled, being like how Chicken Little controls birds but with insects instead.[79]

Based off what we've seen of Aiden's control, this could likely mean that she'd be unable to precisely operate and her insects, instead controlling them more like a 'wave' that she 'pushes' and 'pulls' using a sort of invisible 'rally points' with the capacity to give additional orders like to attack on the way while the bugs are being drawn to the point, and likely cannot control them and co-opt their senses at the same time. Additionally, any fine and precise control of insects she does have would most likely be limited to either a single bug or at least a much smaller number than her full swarm, at the cost of becoming unable to have any control whatsoever of all the other insects in range, instead of being able to mircomanage and skillfully direct all the insects in her range like in the story proper.


She can make her minions do things that they would not normally do, and push them to the limit where they end up harming themselves with how much effort they put in.[80]She can make them do things such as walk into fire[citation needed], produce so much web silk that they physically couldn't produce any more[81] or stinging while injecting little[82] to no venom.[83] She doesn't require "organized" insects. Once they leave her range and she stops controlling them, her bugs revert to their normal behavior patterns.[74] However, if she has given a command to them while still in her range, she must intentionally dismiss the instruction she gave them or give them a new one, or else they will continue to fulfil their last command. This resulted in the accidental murder of Director Tagg when she was knocked unconscious, as her last order to 'sting him' was not interrupted by her, so her insects stung him to death without her able to stop them.[84]

Her power designates what classifies as a "bug", and thus what she can control, during her Trigger Event based upon her understanding of the term and the human knowledge of parahuman hosts within Shard Network. As such, Taylor's notion of a 'bug' is nebulous and sometimes inaccurate.[85] Her power doesn't work on creatures below a certain size, such as skin mites[86] or nematodes, which prevents her from sensing people through the microsophic insects on or inside the human body, nor could her power affect squid.[76] At different times, she speculated that she could control anything with an exoskeleton or shell -- which wouldn't explain how she could control earthworms -- and that it was the subject having a non-complex nervous system.[87] It's possible that she could control bugmen, depending on their brain makeup and chemistry.[88] However, she could not control bug-like Case 53s,[89][85] Breed's creatures,[90][85] or any insects cloned by Echidna.[91][92] At one point, Taylor attempted to distract a foe underwater by forming simulated bodies out of sea creatures.[75]

She was able to control Atlas, a horse-sized beetle, and have her range extended with relay bugs by roughly three hundred feet around each relay.[93] Both of these were courtesy of Panacea. Like all of her other bugs she saw them as tools, though Atlas did have some sentimental value.


Taylor has an almost limitless ability to focus on multiple insects at once, or to focus on other things while also using her insects.[82][94] She can give general instructions, in which case she is only vaguely aware of their movements, or guide individual insects through complex tasks, in which case she is more precisely aware of their movements and environment.[95] However, she could be distracted by the difficulty of focusing on her insects' senses,[96] and by Panacea's modified insects providing contradictory signals.[94][97] As of Colony 15.7, she was only capable of holding one conversation at a time, even while controlling multiple clones.

Her power would sometimes perform actions by habit,[28] when she was incapacitated,[98] or when she was in an altered mental state,[27] without her conscious instruction.


Taylor would sometimes use her bugs to "channel" her emotions and body language, lending her an "aura of indomitable calm".[26] This ability gives her a partial Anti-Thinker resistance, even against powerful Thinkers like Alexandria, Tattletale and Jack Slash, or Emotion-readers like Cherish. This can be seen with Alexandria's interrogation, when Taylor was able to attack Alexandria and the latter was not prepared as Taylor had offloaded all of her emotional and social cues into her bugs and thus appeared calmer than she truly was.[99] Armsmaster's lie-detector and Cherish's power also had partially bad reads on her emotions, even Jack Slash can get incorrect reads on her. Even those close to her have trouble understanding her at times, even a powerful Thinker like Tattletale.[100]


The sensory input from her bugs is "fuzzy" and difficult for humans to interpret.[95][101] She can sporadically hear and see clearly, but the "signal quality" is unreliable.[101]

Practicing doesn't seem to produce results.[96] However, over time, Taylor does learn to more reliably hear through her bugs.[101] In her last day as Skitter she was unable to understand a phone message heard with her bugs, but was able to identify it was a recording. She was only able to discern tone of voice at "rare moments".[102] Her ability to interpret sensory data from her insects seems to increase during periods of stress that match the emotions of her Trigger Event: in one such instance, she was able to clearly see and hear everyone in a room and beyond in detail with just a single butterfly, identifying both her dad, the PRT officers, details of their appearance, what room in the house they were in, and what exactly they were saying.[103]

Based on the combined sensory input of large numbers of insects, Taylor can gain a very clear mental picture of whatever they're interacting with.[95] She can also sense the biology and location[73] of every bug she can control.[104] This gives her enhanced aim[105] and the ability to dodge attacks with supernatural reaction times.[106] However, in environments where bugs are scarce, or when dealing with materials that they don't interact with well, her image of the area can become less reliable.[citation needed]

Taylor also receives some knowledge of her bugs' biology from her power,[107] giving her an understanding of their limits, capabilities and the effects of adaptions such as any venom they have.[108]


Taylor has a limited range around, above and below her, of about a tenth of a mile,[109] and later about 3-4 city blocks with a block being 300 feet.[110] During periods of stress that are close to the feelings of frustation and hopelessness she felt during her Trigger Event, it would increase, once reaching over six and a half blocks,[103] which also came with her bugs responding faster to her commands[111] and getting better at interpreting their senses, such as when she could clearly see and hear everyone in a room and beyond in detail with just a single butterfly.[103] However, these power boosts are not permanent and will fade as her feelings return to normal, and with it her Range.[112] Nevertheless, her base range did slowly increase over time as she won more conflicts;[113] starting at two blocks early on,[114][115] up to three blocks when she began to claim territory,[116] and up to a base range of five blocks by the time she surrendered to the PRT, a fact supported by her in-depth Cast profile describing her range as being nine to fifteen hundred feet around her around her time as a warlord,[58]which would extend if she felt 'trapped',[117] though sometimes she would get increases in stressful situations even though she didn't feel 'trapped';[103] she later states that her power gets stronger when she feels either 'trapped', 'despair', or 'betrayed'.[118] By the time she fights Behemoth as part of the Chicago Wards in India, she mentions that her range is now a radius of one thousand, eight hundred feet,[119] which makes her full range at the time to be double that at a three thousand, six hundred feet diameter.

She had a temporary range boost while in the area-of-effect of The Yàngbǎn's power-magnifying field, increasing her range by several blocks and growing, which she used to contact Phir Sē in his basement. The exact extent of her range increase under the field is not mentioned.[120]


Taylor has come up with a multitude of creative uses of her power. For example, she can produce and manipulate large quantities of spider silk, coat her insects in petroleum jelly and capsaicin to use them like pepper spray, deploy groups of bugs to create humanoid figures,[121] mask her movements, and clear out rat infestations. She was able to catch containment foam on glass carried by her bugs and stick it to her attackers.[122] She can disguise or project her voice by having her insects buzz and chirp together.[123] Over a two year period she learned how to read Braille and used her bugs to read multiple texts at once.[124][125]

She even had some tricks she wasn't consciously aware of learning. For example, she would occasionally use her bugs to cover her while she moved without noticing, making her difficult to track.[126]

Taylor had an unusually high pain tolerance, which she blamed on her exposure to a pain-bomb of Bakuda's.[127]

Post-Timeskip, she is an exceptionally accomplished martial artist; her bug-swarm-enhanced senses enable her to react to events faster than a normal human should be able to. She can easily defeat even other experienced parahumans in hand-to-hand combat. The boost to her senses and coordination due to her swarm also allows her exceptional accuracy with firearms. Personality-wise, she is noted to be cold, distant, exceptionally driven, and even ruthless by many characters.[128]


Taylor was rated by PRT analysts as a Master 5,[54] which was later upgraded to an 8. A rating of Thinker 1 was officially added when Emily Piggot deduced she could see through her bugs in a limited fashion.[129][130] Piggot suggested that this should be upgraded when Taylor admitted she came up with the plan to raid the PRT to stop Dragon and demonstrated the ability to anticipate incoming attacks through her bugs,[131] but she was still classified as a thinker-one after Piggot had left office.[132]

Later Director Tagg ordered for her to be treated as a Master 10, Thinker 3 with an additional rating of 2 in every other category; in order to make sure his soldiers didn't underestimate her[132] and to authorize additional means of containing her.[133]

Glaistig Uaine explained to Taylor that she "stands shoulder to shoulder" with other Noble Shards users in power, such as Amy Dallon and Labyrinth, as well as Contessa, herself, and Eidolon, suggesting that Taylor has the potential to be rated 12 or higher on the Master scale.[134] This is further supported by the confirmation that Taylor's Shard, the "Queen Administrator",[135] is the Warrior's counterpart shard to the Thinker's High Priest, the Shard possessed by Eidolon.[136] Unlike Eidolon's power, however, her shard was correctly broken and largely destroyed by Scion at the beginning of the Cycle, limiting its functions to prevent the host from turning it against the Entities.[137]

Taylor's trigger event, which involved both an environmental stressor and a thinker stressor, led her primarily Master power to have Thinker and Shaker overtones.[138]


In order to combat the end of the world during the Gold Morning, Taylor gave Panacea instruction and permission to remove the safety restrictions and regulations on her power through the Corona Pollentia and Gemma. The result of this was that Taylor's range became significantly reduced to a radius of three hundred feet,[139], making her diameter double that at six hundred, which she could extend through the use of her relay bugs.[140] While her control over insects was still present, and she could still sense their presence and have them react to her subconscious thoughts, this control was reduced in precision to an unknown extent, her bugs using more swarm tactics than her usual calculating attacks, nor could she communicate through her bugs. Furthermore, her size limit has increased, as she comments on there were bugs in her former swarm that are now too small for her to control.[141]

To contrast this, Taylor gained a crude control of nearly every sapient and sentient creature that enters within nearly sixteen feet (fifteen point nine-eight feet to be precise)[141] making her full range a diameter of nearly thirty-two feet. This most notably includes parahumans and, subsequently, humans,[142] as well as a focused sense and awareness of their bodies. This range cannot be increased through periods of stress mirroring her original trigger event, as her Corona no longer connects to the parts of her brain related to emotions or similar concepts. She also slowly began to lose control and awareness of her own body, unable to communicate directly, move as fast or as well as she used to, only able to focus and perform one bodily function like breathing at a time, and losing touch with reality. Her Shard was able to to obtain some control over her body, emotions and thoughts, and would perform actions without her conscious or reflective command in an effort to help her, trying to learn how the two can work together. All of which grew worse as time went on and the barrier between Taylor and her Shard became thinner and blurred, losing understanding of what people were saying and interpreting all actions as conflict to fight.[141]

This control is not automatic, and Taylor, in brief periods of lucidity, can choose not to control someone in her range. People who are in her control are capable of feeling emotion, perform steady breathing, feeling tense and perform slight, subconscious usage of their powers like Lung; all of which Taylor is capable of sensing, along with sensing other inner workings like their well-being, where a person was sore, how fit they were, and most importantly how their parahuman powers works. Taylor can also co-opt their senses like she did with her bugs, allowing her, for example, to see and hear through multiple people. However, the people are completely unable to move despite their feelings and attempts as they are, in Taylor's words, "Waiting for instructions". Any control that Taylor does exert on them is crude, but a bit more fluid than her control over her own body at that point, allowing Taylor to give them somewhat more precise commands. This ability also causes Taylor and those she controls to suffer shared experiences; feelings felt by one bringing up different memories from each person that are associated with those emotions, and those memories being exchanged between them and Taylor, as those she controls become an extension of herself. Control and senses over their parahuman powers is more precise and efficient, though Taylor remarks in the case of Bitch that controlling her would not give her any special knowledge of Bitch's whistles or commands, or her instinctive understanding of the dogs.[141]

Taking command of Doormaker and Clairvoyant, Taylor was able to round up and control roughly five thousand two hundred Parahumans and over ten quadrillion insects from dozens of different Earths to combat Zion, using the latter to find parahumans and insects, and to keep track of the battle across alternative Earths, and the former to open portals within her range to other parahumans so that she can control them. Taylor comments that, had she the time, she could control over ten quintillion bugs; the total number of insects on the entirety of Earth.[140] With these she coordinated the fight with Zion while launching a number of psychological attacks against him, taunting Zion with his dead partner, and sequestering a vast number of Tinkers away to construct a form of tinkertech interdimensional battering ram to kill The Warrior's main body when his avatar was destroyed and a portal was opened to it.

Though a full list of creatures Taylor can now control is unknown, there are a number of beings she cannot that is known. She could not control Zion or the Endbringers, nor the Three Blasphemies. She seemed to be unable to control Imp or Dragon for unstated reasons. She was briefly able to control Glaistig Uaine, but she was able to escape Taylor's control by swapping the control on her over to one of her ghost projections. Finally, she did not control the Sleeper, though this was not due to an inability to control him but rather because doing so would be more troublesome than it was worth.



Taylor Anne Hebert was born in June 1995, arguably on the 19th,[143] 12th (a week before the 19th),[144] or 11th (about a week before the 19th and the date Worm began.)

Growing up, Taylor's parents showed concern for her safety. They warned her to stay on the Boardwalk and avoided the bad part of town, a command she scrupulously obeyed.[53]

When she was around five or six, she saw a meth addict freak out on the bus, making enough of a ruckus that the driver had to stop and force him off. This fright permanently affected her.[11]

Her mother, Annette Rose Hebert, died in a car crash later attributed to texting while driving. As a result of the incident, Taylor becomes closed off and rigid. Her previously strong friendship with Emma Barnes became strained due to this change, but it still served as an emotional pillar.

A year and a half before the story begins, just before they enter high school,[4] Emma unexpectedly abandoned Taylor to befriend Sophia Hess and later Madison Clements. The Trio then began aggressively bullying Taylor, including one event in early January[145] that causes Taylor to trigger. They send her vicious e-mails, upend trash over her desk, and steal her mother's flute from her locker.[4] Others join in, ‘accidentally’ skipping her when passing out assignments and adding their own voices to the taunts and emails.Taylor begins lying low in the bathrooms during lunch and comes to view it as "refuge ... a place I could retreat to, a place where I was off their radar".[4]

In January 2011, she arrived back at school to find her locker had been filled with used pads and tampons, and then someone shoved her inside. She triggered after enough time had passed to realise no one who'd seen what happened was trying to help, and was freed from the locker by or before the end of first period.[146] While she recovered in hospital she was visited by the PRT in case she had triggered. She was overwhelmed by the sensory input of her power and didn't notice.[147] Her near catatonic state kept them from drawing any conclusions.

Three months before the story begins -- once Taylor recovered from her trigger event -- she started to prepare herself to become a hero.[9] She exercised, honed her abilities, doing research and preparing her costume. Her training schedule consisted of running every morning and every other afternoon.[53] She resisted using her power in school for three months, restricting it to a faint buzzing sound at the edge of her consciousness.[4] She conducted practice sessions, "far from prying eyes", to determine the extent of her power.[4]

At some point, her backpack was stolen from her locker by the Trio and stuffed in a trash can. She bought a new one for twelve bucks. This incident alerted her to the risk of someone reading her notes, and she rewrote them in code. Around the same time, she began hiding equipment for her superheroics in a boarded-up coal shute in her basement.[9]

Story Start[]

On April 8th, 2011,[145] Taylor was discovered in the School bathroom, ruining her hiding place. The Trio drenches her clothes and bag in juice. She then throws her bag against the wall in anger, her midterm project -- due that day -- is destroyed. She finally lets her defenses drop and is automatically swarmed with bugs responding to her emotional distress, but she resists killing the trio.[4]

At home, Taylor discovers the juice also ruined many of the contents of her bag, including notes on her eventual superhero career. This event pushes Taylor to stop putting off the start of said career.[9] That weekend Taylor completes her costume and on Sunday night goes out in costume for the first time, crossing into the "bad part of town" just after midnight.[53]

On that first night out, Taylor notices a group of ABB members, including Lung (who she recognizes immediately from the news and online). She hears them discussing killing "children".[53] She fights Lung alongside the Undersiders.

Having been seemingly mistaken for a villain, Taylor joined the Undersiders, intending to gather information as a mole. She helped them rob a bank and attack a fundraiser, embarrassing the heroes.

She was concussed when the ABB ambushed them. Bakuda launched a wave of bombing against the city to free Lung, forcing the other villains to unite against her. Skitter personally defeated Lung after he defeated Kaiser, Fenja, Menja, Bitch and Sundancer.

She fought the Endbringer Leviathan when he attacked Brockton Bay, helping to track his location and rescue wounded until her communicator was fried. She was nearby when Armsmaster duelled the monster and picked up his Halberd when he fell, using it to wound the monster and help other heroes clear rubble.


Taylor discovered that the hero Shadow Stalker was in fact Sophia Hess, one of the girls who had tormented her. In the ensuing conversation, Armsmaster was revealed by Tattletale to have fried her armband in order to prevent her giving away the beast's location to other heroes, which would have prevented him duelling it one-on-one. In revenge, he revealed her status as a mole to the Undersiders.[148]

Nevertheless, she rejoined the Undersiders, disillusioned with the heroes. She agreed to Coil's plan to take over the city, claiming a territory. There she fought the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Spearheaded winning strategies against Dragon's suits.

On June 19th, Coil completed his takeover of the city by faking his death and discrediting Emily Piggot. He claimed he was going to release Dinah Alcott, as agreed, but instead attacked Skitter. After the Undersiders defeated Coil, Taylor killed him.[149]


Taylor felt increasing pressure from the authorities, who revealed her secret identity to the public.

Eventually she surrendered, hoping to acquire concessions in the form of reforms in exchange. This initially failed, but after she killed the PRT's local and national leadership, she was proclaimed a hero.[150]

Took part in the battle against Behemoth in New Delhi.

The Timeskip[]

Taylor spends the timeskip as a member of the Chicago Wards, training Golem, and participating in many Endbringer fights. She helped her team expand their operations into neighboring cities.

She participated in the fight against the Slaughterhouse 9000.

Gold Morning[]

Taylor was injured during the Oil-rig battle, and moved to uphold the Truce and recruit help.

When Doormaker was incapacitated she led a strike team to investigate the Cauldron Compound.

She asked Panacea to modify her powers, becoming the being known as Khepri. Taylor's modified powers allowed her to control the capes and even non-capes[151] around her in a similar fashion to her bug swarm. She took control of Cauldron's Clairvoyant and Doormaker, enabling her to find and utilize capes from multiple alternate Earths.

Though she now had the power she needed to face the Warrior, she dealt with a rapidly deteriorating mental state. Eventually, she became unable to communicate with others. Her actions were opposed by her allies and friends.

After Scion's defeat, Taylor's mental deterioration was such that she could not discern the intentions of the capes around her, confusing celebratory actions with aggression. Her allies attempted to restrain her, but she lashed out and fled through a portal.

The last concrete detail of Taylor's existence was her encounter with Contessa, who held her at gunpoint and questioned her to discern if she could be saved. She was shot twice by Contessa as a result of the unexpressed determination made by Contessa.

Her shard may have been disabled by Contessa's gunshots, possibly saving Taylor's life at the cost of her powers.[citation needed] Taylor appears to have moved to Earth Aleph along with her father. She hopes she will be able to settle into a quiet existence.

To parahumanity of the Earth Bet diaspora Taylor is simply gone.[152]

Chapter Appearances[]

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x. Interlude: End Point of View


  • Taylor likely triggered Monday the third of January 2011 as it was described as the first day of school in the new year.
  • Clones of Taylor made by Echidna are called variously Chitter or Scurry, both words can relate to rats just like skitter, her villain name, can relate to insects. Scurry being the movement of rats while chitter is more of a vocalization, and not solely related to rats.
  • "Khepri" is a god in ancient Egyptian religion connected with the scarab beetle, because the scarab rolls balls of dung across the ground, an act that the Egyptians saw as a symbol of the forces that move the sun across the sky.
  • Glaistig Uaine calls Taylor "Queen Administrator"[135], queen being one of the regal titles that Glaistig Uaine uses for those with powerful and fully developed shards[67], which became a popular fan nickname for the power. Similarly Scion refers to her as Queen and Administrator when seeing her.[153]
  • Taylor's surname, "Hebert," would most likely be pronounced "Ai-bear," as it is a French name. H is rarely pronounced in French, especially at the beginning of a word, and a final consonant is also rarely pronounced without a final "e" after it. However her surname is canonically stated to be pronounced "Hee-bert".[2]


  • (To Lung): "Don't underestimate me."
  • (To Triumph): "Sorry. I didn't want this to go this far."
  • (To Doctor Mother): "I know what that's like, I've walked down that road. Maybe not so ugly a road, but I've gone that route. All the way along, I told myself it sucked, but I wouldn't do it differently. I did everything I did for a reason. Except now, having reached the point I was working towards, I finally do regret it all. The last two years, the way I treated my teammates, leaving the Undersiders... I'd change it all in a heartbeat."[154]
  • (To Tecton): “Being good or bad was never a thing for me. Not really. It was all about the actions I was taking and why."
  • I didn’t follow that stuff, didn’t buy into the hero worship. I’d always found the capes interesting, I’d followed the non-gossipy news about them, but with the exception of a phase around the time I was nine where I’d had an Alexandria t-shirt and had my mom help me find pictures of her online, I had never really got giddy over any particular hero. - Tangle 6.7

Fanart Gallery[]




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    Beyond that, she has no trust in organized institutions (school has failed her badly – see the next chapter for more on the subject), and she’s happier having some independence and control (personal power, freedom, escapism) in circumstances where she otherwise has none, than she would be as another rank and file member of the Wards. Or, perhaps to phrase it better, she’s more afraid of being unhappy in the Wards than she is of being unhappy on her own.

    So why not just fly solo for a while, right? - Comment by Wildbow on Gestation 1.6
  19. Kicking myself even as I did it, I turned away and walked back down the hall towards the front doors of the school. I knew it would be that much harder to go back tomorrow. For one and three-quarter school years, I had been putting up with this shit. I'd been going against the current for a long time, and even though I was aware of the consequences I'd face if I kept missing school like this, it was so much easier to stop pushing so hard against the current and just step in the other direction. - Agitation 3.1
  20. I stared out the window of the bus, watching the people and the cars. On days like this, after being publicly humiliated, getting myself to the point where I was willing to walk through the door was about making deals with myself and trying to look past the school day. I told myself that I would go to Mrs. Knott's computer class. None of the Trio would be there, it was usually pretty easygoing, and I could take the time to browse the web. From there, it was just a matter of convincing myself to walk down the hall to Mr. Gladly's class.

    If I just made myself do that, I promised myself, I would give myself a treat. - Agitation 3.1
  21. Interlude 8.y
  22. I know the dream sequence is sort of a tired bit, but it struck me that I’ve mentioned a few times that Taylor has nightmares, earlier in the story, and there’s the stress over Dinah, her dad and Sophia, and I wanted to sort of touch on that without getting into pure exposition. Showing rather than telling. So I went with the dream.

    All in all? I’m ok with how that part turned out, personally. Though I welcome any complaints/criticisms/praise to let me know if I hit the mark & should leave that option open for another story/book in another year. - Comment by Wildbow on Infestation 11.1
  23. Colony 15.2
  24. 24.0 24.1 Excerpt from Cell 22.6
  25. Cell 22.2
  26. 26.0 26.1 I was using my bugs to channel my feelings, even with my concerns about my passenger and how it might be merging with me. I was wearing that aura of indomitable calm, even though I wasn't sure I liked the Taylor of this past year and a half, who had been doing just that as a matter of both habit and necessity. - Excerpt from Extinction 27.3
  27. 27.0 27.1 Passenger, I thought. Been a while, trying to figure out how to make peace with the fact that you're there, that you're affecting me somehow, taking control whenever I'm not in my own mind. I think we've made strides. I've sort of accepted that you're going to do what you're going to do, whether that helps me or hurts me. - Excerpt from Sting 26.2
  28. 28.0 28.1 Had I? Not wholly consciously. I'd set up the string, but how much of that was intentional? Was it habit, now, to have a measure on hand when dealing with any weapon?

    I focused on the swarm, focused on the cords and threads that traced the room. One in the doorway, one at each of Phir Sē's feet, just waiting for me to finish the deal and bind him. Others extended between us, spiders poised to cut the threads or tie them, as the situation demanded.

    The passenger, or was it me, being wary?

    "I guess I did," I said. I made the spiders cut the threads between us.


    My heart was still pounding, my mouth dry, and it wasn't just the Phir Sē thing, or the teleporter. The passenger. - Crushed 24.4
  29. "It's been a bad day, in case you haven't noticed. You're allowed to feel bad. It's kind of normal."


    I'd been thinking of my feelings as being off-kilter, out of control, unreasonable and irrational.

    Were they just regular feelings? Emotions that weren't being reined in by my discipline and bottling everything up, by distraction and disconnection?

    Somewhere along the line, I'd stopped thinking about my feelings as being mixed up or fucked up and stopped concerning myself with them altogether. On a level, I'd blamed my passenger.

    But I wasn't sure I could justify that with what I was experiencing now. Why would the passenger take away, gain ground in subsuming my identity and then give it back, all like this?

    Was it just me? - Excerpt from Extinction 27.3
  30. Sting 26.4
  31. Speck 30.7
  32. Speck 30.7
  33. “I don’t-” I started. What had I been saying?

    Not me. The passenger. I had to relax. Allow myself to speak. - Excerpt from Speck 30.7
  34. Speck 30.7
  35. Excerpt from Interlude: End
  36. Computer class was one of the few parts of the school day I didn't usually dread. For one thing, it was the one class in which I was doing well.


    Mrs. Knott was an alright teacher, if not the most hands on; she was usually content to give us advanced students an in-class assignment and then focus on the more rambunctious majority for the rest of the class. - Insinuation 2.2
  37. I looked at my teachers. At Mrs. Knott, who I'd even say was my favorite teacher, "Don't you see how fucked up this is? He's blackmailing us right in front of you, and you can't understand that this manipulation has been going on from the beginning?"

    Mrs. Knott frowned, "I don't like the sound of it, but we can only comment and act on what happens in school." - Hive 5.4
  38. Without taking the box, I tilted my head to get a better look at the front, "Alexandria. She was my favorite member of the Protectorate when I was a kid. Is the lunchbox collectable?" - Excerpt from Insinuation 2.6
  39. I didn't follow that stuff, didn't buy into the hero worship. I'd always found the capes interesting, I'd followed the non-gossipy news about them, but with the exception of a phase around the time I was nine where I'd had an Alexandria t-shirt and had my mom help me find pictures of her online, I had never really got giddy over any particular hero. - Tangle 6.7
  40. Queen 18.5
  41. Broomstick arms and legs, gawky, with a wide, guileless smile, her eyes just a fraction larger behind the glasses she wore, a little too old fashioned. Her long dark curls were tied into a loose set of twin braids, one bearing a series of colorful ‘friendship braclet' style ties at the end. Only her height gave her age away. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.z
  42. 42.0 42.1 A girl with curly black hair and glasses, stick thin, hugging a red-haired girl. The body type was a match.


    The goal was always the same: to look for the girl with the slight build, curly black hair and glasses. Taylor Hebert. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.5
  43. A girl, skinny, but not in the attractive way you saw in magazines. Spindly. - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.6
  44. 44.0 44.1 Taylor kneeled in the middle of a massive puddle of juices and sodas, some of it still fizzing around her. She was drenched, head to toe, trickles still running off of the lengths of her hair. Her style of dress had changed over the past little while, in ways Taylor probably wasn’t fully aware of. She wore darker clothes now, cloaked herself in sweatshirts and loose fitting jeans. Her long hair was a shield, a barrier around her face. All measures to hide, signals and gestures of defeat.

    More than that, she’d changed in behavior, had stopped fighting back. She’d stopped reacting, for the most part. Her expression was impassive. It took some of the fun out of it. It was almost disappointing. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.z
  45. Skinny teenage girl with black curly hair entering and leaving the same building that the skinny teenage villain with black curly hair was operating out of? - Excerpt from Infestation 11.1
  46. Her expression was masked behind a shifting mass of bugs that moved in and out of her hairline. Sierra couldn’t even tell where the bugs ended and the scalp began, as the small black bodies crawled into and onto the black curls. - Excerpt from Interlude 14.x
  47. Close-up of Taylor pic.
  48. 48.0 48.1 Scarab 25.1
  49. 49.0 49.1 Sting 26.2
  50. Your personality is reflected in your fashion choices. Muted colors. Brown, gray, black, white. If you are wearing something with color to it, you’re wearing it under a sweatshirt, sweater or jacket. Never anything that would stand out. Never showing much skin. While most people our age are picking clothes with the intention of defining an identity for themselves, fitting into a clique, you’re focused on staying out of sight and not attracting attention. You’re being too cautious, overthinking things you don’t need to, always making the call to play it safe. - Excerpt from Shell 4.2
  51. The casual display of emotion was startling. It was equally startling when, in the moment Emma’s dad slowed the car down, Taylor’s head turned, her eyes falling on them, her head and upper body turning to follow them as they passed.

    She didn’t even resemble the person Emma had known way back then, not the girl who’d approached her house after coming back from camp, and not the girl who’d been drenched in juice. The lines of her cheekbones and chin were more defined, her skin baked to a light tan by the sun, her long black curls grown a touch wild by long exposure to wind. Light muscles stood out on her arms as she held a box, her dad standing back to direct.

    Even her clothes. She wasn’t hiding under a hood and long sleeves. A trace of her stomach was exposed between the bottom of her yellow tank top and the top of her jeans. The frayed cuffs were rolled up at the bottom, around new running shoes, and neither Taylor nor her dad seemed to be paying any attention to the knife that was sheathed at her back. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.z
  52. She wasn’t in costume. It was odd, seeing her approach from a distance, observing her uninterrupted over a longer span of time. She conveyed an eerie kind of confidence that he knew she didn’t have at her core. Some of that was how she unflinchingly looked forward. She didn’t react as the wind blew her hair across her face, didn’t turn to look around the street as she crossed an intersection.

    He might have to say something about that. If that was her using her power to assess her surroundings and keep an eye out for trouble, she should avoid doing it when she was in civilian wear.

    She stopped a short distance away, holding grocery bags in one hand and tucking her hair back into place with the other. She wore a black tank top, jeans and rubber boots, with a sweatshirt tied around her waist. That last article of clothing would be to conceal weapons, he guessed. Her glasses caught the light from the sun to the west, turning almost opaque in the glare as she looked his way. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.y
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  56. Alas, I’m not a talented artist, or I’d be able to sketch out the armor in proper. I’ve got two pieces of work that I’ve yet to sit down and finish; one being a sketch of her armor, as she might have drawn it in her notebook (see arc 1, chapter 2) and the other being a drawing of Taylor herself, which stalled because I can’t draw hair in a way that satisfies me. I may get it done if I find a good reference image that I can build off of, as well as the mood to draw at a time to actually do said drawing.

    But yeah. Keep in mind that her armor features that spade shaped compartment over her back – sort of like a beetle shell, about the size of a small backpack. There’s also shoulderpads, elbow pads, wristguards, chestguard, kneepads, etc. Each having layers in the style of insect chitin (pillbug, etc), that adds to the bulk (and internal capacity, as it happens), without making it too ‘loose’.

    As I think on it, though, it is a rather high number. If I recall, it was a placeholder I put in there while I didn’t have access to the web or a library for research, and I never thought to change it while doing sweeps of edits & whatnot to the subsequent drafts. I’ll change that. - Comment by Wildbow on Tangle 6.6
  57. 57.0 57.1 57.2 Gestation 1.4
  58. 58.0 58.1 Taylor Hebert, Skitter– A 16 year old native of Brockton Bay, Taylor gained the power to control arthropods and other simple lifeforms, sensing what they sense to varying degrees. With a wide range (spanning nine to fifteen hundred feet around her) and the power to individually control each insect, she relies on versatility and strategic thinking to seize the advantage in battle.Her powers manifested in January 2011, triggered by a bullying campaign by her former best friend and two other girls. She found a measure of escape with her dream of becoming a superhero, but things didn’t quite work out that way. She’s now one of the controlling powers in Brockton Bay, a villain warlord in charge of the Boardwalk, with a small contingent of followers working under her, and leader of the Undersiders.
    In civilian guise, she’s skinny to the point of being scrawny, with glasses and long curly hair she maintains as a desperate grasp at a single feminine feature. Her gawky or nerdy appearance is marked by a wide mouth and large eyes.
    As Skitter, she wears a costume of black spider silk and gray armor panels, a yellow-lensed mask that features a mandible-esque design around her jaw. Her hair blows free. Depending on the situation and the state of her costume, she occasionally wears a skirt or shawl of black spider silk with ragged or torn edges, for protection, concealment, and to offer more surface area for her bugs to crawl on. When battle ready, bugs crawl over every surface of her costume, including her hair and mask. The carapace-like panel of armor at her back serves as a utility compartment, holding her weapons and various items. - Cast (in depth)
  59. 59.0 59.1 Easy peasy. There’s bugs that eat and clean the waste of other bugs (pillbugs, for example) and she can suppress or time their need to create the waste in the first place (at least for the, say, pillbugs, who would therefore not be making mess as they clean it up).

    As the armor’s mostly waterproof (see chapter where she mentions trying to give Newter first aid, for this), all she’d need is a wipe-down with a wet cloth and some pillbug attention. - Comment by Wildbow on Tangle 6.6
  60. My bugs had finished connecting the tattered pieces of fabric. It wasn't pretty, but a few tugs to test it showed it was as sturdy as anything I'd made. I draped it over my lap. Until my legs healed, I'd be wearing my new costume for my upper body, with the tattered cloth as a skirt to protect my burned legs. - Snare 13.6
  61. I was wearing only my old costume and the built-in makeshift skirt to cover me where the fire had eaten away at the leggings. - Monarch 16.13
  62. I was put in mind of the moment I donned my costume, of being Skitter the Warlord, with her half-cape, half-shawl. There had been a kind of power to the gesture, to draping myself in the cloth and assuming the title and the role. - Speck 30.3
  63. She wasn't in costume, but her glower was intense enough that she might as well have been in her full garb as Skitter, complete with shawl, skirt and the carpet of insects crawling on her. - Interlude 24.y
  64. Skitter sat at the end, backed by her forces, looking over the room. Bugs swarmed her from the shoulders down, but Accord could note a shawl and hints of protective armor. - Interlude 20.y
  65. I draped the shawl-cape over my armored shoulders, and then covered it in bugs. - Chrysalis 20.1
  66. I was wearing only my old costume and the built-in makeshift skirt to cover me where the fire had eaten away at the leggings.
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  73. 73.0 73.1 In truth, when they’re quoting the scientists as saying “There’s no telepathy, it’s impossible.” they’re quoting something where the scientists theorized that thought-transference wouldn’t work. Which is similar but different.

    Yes, Taylor is telepathic – she transmits information via. yet-unknown channels to her bugs, who respond, and through these same channels, she gets very frequent (to the point that it feels real-time) updates on her bugs’ positions, biology/status, etc. in what’s sort of a very rapid, hyper-detailed echolocation.

    Meanwhile, thought-transference is more the ‘put thoughts in other people’s heads, or take thoughts out of other’s heads and understand them.’ - Comment by Wildbow on Extermination 8.4
  74. 74.0 74.1 Ah, but the control & organization of the bugs she controls don’t necessarily matter. She maintains absolute control anyways. The only convenience would be, say, that they could cooperate in her absence. (As opposed to black widows which have to be isolated from each other as they’re territorial enough to kill one another). - Comment by Wildbow on Plague 12.1
  75. 75.0 75.1 Simple lifeforms. If there were none above the water’s surface, I’d use the ones below. A glance above me showed one of the flying heroes above the water’s surface, watching. Good. We’d be able to coordinate an attack.

    We were too far from the ocean floor for me to find crabs or lobsters, but there were others.

    Krill. Two inches in length, at best. But they were alive, and I could move them. I could use them. Another swarm decoy, another combination attack. - Excerpt from Extinction 27.5
  76. 76.0 76.1 Comment reply by Wildbow, archived on Spacebattles - Questions: A) Has she used her ability on snails or slugs? Probably not due to their lack of combat utility, but it would interesting as whilst still ganglionic, Mollusca nervous systems are a whole leap ahead of arthropods and annelids.

    B) Trying to use her power on squid would be even more interesting as they have actual complex brains in addition to a ganglionic nervous system. If she can bypass their brains it would imply all sorts of things of what she could do to higher animals. What is the sinoatrial node of the vertebrate heart if it isn’t a very stupid ganglionic subbrain?
    D) At the other end of the scale, can she pick up the signals of nematodes? They are more closely related to insects than insects are to worms, and they do have discrete nervous systems. If yes then she effectively has a ‘life radar’ as every single vertebrate has millions of the things in their gut all the time. Ditto every patch of soil and plant. Not useful offensively but would still be pretty amazing to have. Same question obviously with Rotifers, which certainly have as much brain as tapeworms and are near as ubiquitous as nematodes.
    Wildbow : A) Yes. She can control them.

    B) Squids are out of bounds.

    D) Not stated outright in the story, but her inability to sense people suggests that she can’t sense/control nematodes (or dust/skin mites for that matter). Not saying it’s definitely for sure, but a probable reason would be due to size constraints. A minimum size.Not stated outright in the story, but her inability to sense people suggests that she can’t sense/control nematodes (or dust/skin mites for that matter). Not saying it’s definitely for sure, but a probable reason would be due to size constraints. A minimum size.
  77. Buzz 7.2
  78. "But I'm afraid that power you're digging for is out of your reach, Weaver."

    I looked at him.

    "Or it's already in your reach. You can't have a second trigger because you already had one," he said.

    I blinked.

    "Given the signature, it's very possible you had two trigger events in quick succession. Not uncommon. The horror of manifesting your power, it prompted another trigger."

    "No," I said. "There's got to be something."

    "If there is, a second trigger event isn't it," the Number Man said. - Excerpt from Venom 29.7
  79. /u/Edello: [SPOILERS FOR WORM] What if Taylor...
    ...hadn’t double-triggered?

    /u/Wildbow: She'd be Aiden, but with bugs. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit.
  80. Comment by Wildbow on Sufficent Velocity
  81. Comment by Wildbow on Prey 14.4
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  84. - Excerpt from Cell 22.5
  85. 85.0 85.1 85.2 Chiro: I was wondering as of late, why Taylor can't control Breed's parasites? Is it because they as lifeforms don't fall into the portfolio of creatures Taylor controls, or because Breed controls them already?

    Kyakan: might be as simple as them not being around when Taylor's power was defining what counted as "bug"

    Wildbow: Kyak has it right. Bonesaw talks about how shards conceptualize their idea of what X is when the trigger happens.
    It's why Taylor's notion of what a 'bug' is remains pretty nebulous, including some things (crabs, earthworms, arachnids, insects) and bypassing others (skin mites, bug case 53s).
    And it's not just Taylor- it pulls from the shard network of wider human knowledge across hosts. - Conversation with Wildbow on Discord, archived on Spacebattles
  86. It’s been stated in the comments, but Taylor’s power doesn’t let her control bugs below a certain size. It’s why she can’t sense skin mites. - Comment by Wildbow on Colony 15.1
  87. “I used to think I could control anything with an exoskeleton or shell. But I can control earthworms too, among other things, and they don’t have shells. I think all it takes is that they have to have very simple brains.” - Excerpt from Agitation 3.1
  88. Um the Muse: Hmm, I wonder if Skitter could affect the various bugmen? I know that she said that it had to do with the size of the brain involved, but how certain is that?

    wildbow: Probably would depend on their brain makeup & chemistry.

    But I think the real concern wouldn’t be so much ‘Is it possible’ as the ethics involved. - Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 5
  89. thetntm: I don’t know if it was a word of god or a head cannon or something, but I remember reading that because Taylor’s power went off of her mental image of “creepy crawlers” when determining what counted as a “bug,” she could have controlled a sufficiently bug-like case 53.

    My question is, could Aiden do the same, but with birds?

    Wildbow: Bonesaw talks a bit in Worm 11.h about how the shard reaches out and uses hosts & hosts' connections to other hosts & the hub to suss out definitions and categories.

    Aiden's (and the collective unconscious's) perceptions wouldn't include a part-bird, part-human because they wouldn't be familiar with such and it wouldn't be regularly in that initial, "Think about a bird!" instant connection.

    For taylor, pulling more from the rest-of-the-world perceptions, crabs sorta kinda fall in that bucket, atlas falls in that bucket, while we aren't aware enough of skin mites or Hercules the beetle C-53 to really grok it. - Wildbow on Reddit, archived on Spacebattles
  90. Breed’s creatures. Can you control them?” this from Revel, taking advantage of the stunned silence.

    I glanced up at the body the things had invaded. I tailored my response so both Revel and the Undersiders could make sense of it. “I can’t control those things, and I can’t sense them either.” - Sting 26.1
  91. I might have missed it if I hadn’t had the bugs pressed together to contain the rats. I had missed it already, countless times. Wasps, hornets and cockroaches were crawling free of the slurry of flesh that Noelle had vomited into the building’s lobby. They were attacking my bugs and any people they found.

    I couldn’t sense them, and I couldn’t control them. - Queen 18.7
  92. “She’s been absorbing my bugs. She’s spitting out some, and I can’t control them. They’re methodically destroying my swarm, and they’re hunting down people and attacking them.”

    “She probably absorbed some before she even ran into us,” Tattletale said. “And she just needs one of a given type to make copies. I wouldn’t blame yourself.”

    “Did she absorb hornets, black widows, brown recluses?”

    “Maybe not,” Tattletale admitted.

    “Okay,” I said. “Because there’s homicidal hornets and spiders out there now. Because of my fuck-up.” - Queen 18.8
  93. Prey 14.3
  94. 94.0 94.1 Re: Skitter’s power, she’s yet to demonstrate the inability to control some bugs because she was focusing on others or focusing on something else. Well, there was the bank robbery, but that was Panacea’s interference at work. It’s unstated, but multitasking abilities come part and parcel with her power, as far as her facility with her power is concerned. - Comment by Wildbow on Infestation 11.2
  95. 95.0 95.1 95.2 Taylor’s power is fairly nuanced, and I guess I haven’t really elaborated enough on that aspect of things. I tweaked the sweaty crotches part of the chapter just a tiny bit, and will strive to explain a little better in a later chapter. Long story short, Taylor’s sensory input from the bugs is vastly different depending on whether she’s giving them a general ‘find your way to me’ impulse or whether she’s focused enough on them individually to have them navigating their way into somebody’s underpants. In the former case, she’s drawn her bugs in while really stressed (such as when Bitch attacked her) without really noticing she was doing it. Things are that thin, that easy to block out.

    You said “not at all recognizable from the ‘human’ perspective except by a good deal of piecing together of clues.” – Except she’s got a helluvalot of clues. Even fuzzy, blurry clues add up to a pretty strong mental picture when you’ve got enough of them. When there’s also context, with Taylor knowing in advance what her bugs are doing, there’s going to be (even if Taylor doesn’t really want to) a framing of those clues in a particular way. - Comment by Wildbow on Shell 4.3
  96. 96.0 96.1 Comment by Wildbow on Prey 14.4
  97. Agitation 3.12
  98. Hey, passenger, I thought. Do me a favor. If I get taken out of action and you step up to fight, work on taking out Jack, alright? - Sting 26.4
  99. Wildbow - Had Taylor broken, raged out, in the sense of chapter one, they would have had a scapegoat for everything that happened in Brockton Bay. She could have tapped Cauldron resources and been on the alert. But Taylor offloaded all cues to her shard. She appeared far calmer and more subdued than she was, Alexandria calibrated her approach with this in mind, and things tilted off differently.
    Wildbow - Taylor was absolutely not a killer at that stage, unless she had a reasonable target, and Alexandria presented herself as that target. Alexandria looked at Taylor, talked to her, and saw someone different. All of the profiling and information worked -against- her.- WoG from Spacebattles
  100. Armsmaster's lie detector.
    Cherish gets a partial read on Skitter, but extrapolates wrong. Jack remarks on this on two occasions, especially how (he feels) if the read had been correct, he could have convinced Taylor to kill Battery.
    Powers set aside, she expresses frustration at people misreading her motivations, especially at the meeting with Accord/Valefor/the Teeth. Virtually everyone around her has trouble grasping what she's doing and why: her dad, Emma (most recent encounter), D&D, Grue, even Tattletale at times. - Partial comment by Wildbow on Reddit
  101. 101.0 101.1 101.2 Well, she can’t quite hear through her bugs. As she says in 2.6, noises break down to weird and irritating pitches that she can’t quite make out.

    The one real exception to this occurs at the conclusion of the ‘Shell’ arc, where she was overhearing music through a moth. But that’s an exception, not the rule. - Comment by Wildbow on Tangle 6.1
  102. Cell 22.4
  103. 103.0 103.1 103.2 103.3 It wasn’t long before I was close enough.  My range was longer, now.  Odd.  It was supposed to get longer when I felt more trapped, but ‘trapped’ wasn’t the word I would have chosen.

    My bugs rose at my command, tracing over the area. It wasn’t so unusual, that there were flies, bumblebees and ants about: the heat of summer, the humidity, the imbalanced ecosystem… Nobody paid them any heed.

    A small butterfly found its way into the house. It traced over the glossy smooth armor and helmets of PRT officers, touched the badge on the chest of a police officer.

    It touched my dad’s shoulder, moved down his bare arm to his hand. He was sitting at the kitchen table, his head in his hands.
    “Taylor,” he said.

    Six and a half city blocks away, I replied, “I’m sorry.”

    The butterfly and I took off at the same time. - Excerpt from Chrysalis 20.5
  104. He doesn’t have a conventional brain, but his system isn’t so simple that Taylor can take it over. If she could have, her power would have detected & sensed him the way it usually does bugs. - Comment by Wildbow on Sentinel 9.1
  105. Sting 26.6
  106. I didn’t hear the rest. Behind my back, Assault moved to kick one of the desks. It went flying into the air in the same instant I threw myself to the ground. I could feel the rush of wind as it passed over me, hurtling into a cubicle. I scrambled for cover.

    “Prescience. Interesting,” the Director called out, as I ducked low and used the cubicles to hide. “We assigned you a thinker-one classification, but perhaps we fell short.” - Excerpt from Monarch 16.2
  107. Prey 14.6
  108. “Yeah,” Lisa raised an eyebrow, “You do know which bugs you had biting him, right? Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Browntail Moth, Mildei, Fire Ants-”

    “Yeah,” I cut her off, “I don’t know the official names, but I know exactly what bit him, what stung him and what the venoms do.” - Excerpt from Insinuation 2.6
  109. I was steamed and I could hardly focus on the lecture, as my power crackled and tugged at my attention from the periphery of my consciousness, making me acutely aware of every bug within a tenth of a mile. I could tune it out, but the extra concentration that took, coupled with the anger I felt towards Madison and Mr. Gladly, was distracting enough that I couldn’t focus on the lecture. - Excerpt from Insinuation 2.3
  110. Wildbow: She’s described her range as 3-4 city blocks. A city block is about 300 feet long.
  111. Infestation 11.4
  112. Wildbow: The range increases aren’t permanent. - Comment by Wildbow on Infestation 11.3
  113. Much like Taylor's achievements went hand in hand with a growth in her capability and flexibility with her power (on a blunt level like the waxing & waning max range, in terms of being able to see/speak with them, and on an abstract level, like how the shard is helping more in the background or when she's unconscious), - Comment by Wildbow on Armsmaster's growth.
  114. I wasn’t just grabbing every creepy crawly in a two block radius, though. I was being selective, and I was gathering quite a few.

    It would take time for all of them to arrive. Bugs could move faster than you thought when they moved with purpose in a straight line, but even so, two blocks was a lot of ground for something so small to cover. - Excerpt from Gestation 1.2
  115. I generally measured things in city blocks – I’ve never been good at eyeballing distance – and I would say my range usually sat at around two blocks. - Excerpt from Hive 5.5
  116. Generally speaking, there were two routes I tended to go. The first put me in one spot, drawing my bugs from the area. A three block radius made for a good number of bugs.


    Today wasn’t one of the days my power was working double time, with double the range. I’d wanted to make sure to reach as many as I could, so I’d started drawing the arrows and words with the bugs early. - Excerpt from Infestation 11.2
  117. My power's range was about five blocks. It should have been larger, going by the running theory that feeling ‘trapped' extended my reach, but I was in here by my own device. I couldn't necessarily force it. - Excerpt from Cell 22.1
  118. Drone 23.1 excerpt- “Yeah,” I said.  “I triggered while I was in a locker.  I’ve been thinking, I get just a little stronger when I feel trapped, or when I despair, or when I feel betrayed.  My range extends.”
  119. Crushed 24.1
  120. Crushed 24.4
  121. Infestation 11.3
  122. Parasite 10.5
  123. Pinkhair:
    I figured that Taylor did the voice trick to disguise herself, now that she knows that Sophia might possibly recognize her by voice.

    We have a winner. - Comment by Wildbow on Sentinel 9.6
  124. The moment the wind died down, I bid the bugs to shift position, carrying the pages to me, sorting them into the appropriate order.

    I bent down and began collecting the pieces of paper. I could feel the raised bumps on the pages as I brushed them free of specks of dirt and leaves. Each set of bumps corresponded with a letter or punctuation mark, which had been printed over the dots in thick, bold, letters. - Excerpt from Sting 26.2
  125. I’d taught myself braille, so I could read with my bugs, and take in more. - Excerpt from Speck 30.2
  126. All around me, PRT employees were howling in pain, their cries silenced by the lack of an audio feed. Either the camera hadn’t picked it up, or Glenn had muted it. They thrashed. One reached for me, for the me on the screen, and I could see how I moved out of the way without even glancing at him. The swarm concealed me at the same time, briefly obscuring the Skitter in the video from both the man on the ground and the security camera. When it parted, she had shifted two or three feet to the left. A simple step to one side in the half-second she couldn’t be seen, but it misled the eyes.

    And I couldn’t remember doing it. I’d never consciously added the trick to my repertoire. - Excerpt from Drone 23.3
  127. “Whatever,” Panacea said. “Works for me, actually.”

    Then she touched me, and the pain went away. I relaxed so suddenly I felt like I’d suddenly become part liquid. I’d been so tense my head wasn’t even touching the countertop, my legs and shoulders tense.

    “Thank you,” I said. “Thanks.”

    “You have a high pain tolerance,” she said.

    “One of Bakuda’s bombs, way back when,” I said. “I think it messed with my head, as far as my perception of pain. I found out what it’s really like to feel pain, real ten-out-of-ten pain. A part of me knew it was too much to be true, and other stuff’s affected me more because I knew it was tied with something real. Case in point, a burn is still a motherfucker.”

    “Well, we’ll fix it,” she said. - Excerpt from Venom 29.9
  128. Cell 22.2
  129. Excerpt from Cell 22.1
  130. Queen 18.3
  131. Monarch 16.2
  132. 132.0 132.1 "Arthropodokinesis, arthropodovoyance," the Deputy Director said. "She's on record as a master eight, thinker one. The thinker classification is key here: ex-Director Piggot noted Skitter can see through her bugs' eyes."


    Director Tagg nodded slowly, then rubbed his chin again. The movement of his wrist against his armrest nearly killed the bug I had in between his dress shirt and jacket. "Agreed. I already informed each of my officers to treat her as though she had a two point classification in every category, or two points higher in cases where she's already received scores. Brute two, mover two… all the way down the list. It won't do to underestimate her." - Excerpt from Cell 22.1
  133. Tagg slaps a '2 of everything' on Taylor because it gives full authorization for all special measures, and it's a constant reminder to his people that she's a threat in every department... Comment by Wildbow on spacebattles
  134. I could only think of one powerful individual who was on a par with the others she’d named. Contessa and Glaistig Uaine were easily twelves or higher on the power-ratings scale, and I could look to others with powers in that neighborhood to figure out who she was referring to. Panacea, Labyrinth…

    Which raised two questions.

    Why the hell was I on that list, for one thing? - Excerpt from Extinction 27.4
  135. 135.0 135.1 Scarab 25.5
  136. Post on Reddit that Wildbow confirms.
    Wildbow: Yeah, pretty sure I already confirmed this elsewhere, but this is a great summary of it.
  137. This one, too, it cripples, even largely destroys, so as to limit the host from using it in the same fashion.
    It could see the connection to the female’s shard, the activity as it broadcast signals, reaching out to contact lifeforms throughout the area, coordinating them.
    The entity recognized her shard. The last one that had split off before the entity took on this form.

    Queen. - Excerpt from Interlude 26
  138. TFS Is the fact that Taylor was trapped a reason why her Master powers act the same way as Shaker powers do?

    soulpelt| do tell

    Wildbow Yeah, there's overlap.
    soulpelt| Taylor is needing help from being trapped in a sucky environment.
    Wildbow Environmental stressor, thinker stressor, more thinkery shakery master power. - Wildbow on IRC, archived on SpaceBattles
  139. I felt the range of my power halve, as though a guillotine blade had dropped down, cutting it off.

    My control began to slip.  It wasn’t so severe as the effect on my range, but I could feel it degrading.  I was aware of my bugs in a general sense, and they were moving in reaction to my subconscious thoughts, but the end result wasn’t precise.  I moved them, but getting them to stop had a fraction of a second’s delay.
    My range was dwindling with every passing second, and so was my control.
    I could feel Panacea working to give me that control, changing what she was focusing on.  I felt the swarm moving more in sync with what I was thinking and wanting.  But this… I could sense what was happening, feel my range plummeting yet again, the guillotine coming down.  My range had been cut down further.
    Stop, Panacea, I thought.  Stop, stop, stop, stop…

    My swarm attacked her, and it wasn’t because of any conscious command on my part.  The attack was crude, more the swarming behavior of wasps drunk on attack pheromones than the calculated attack I was used to employing.
    I looked at Amy, realizing the bugs were still approaching her.  I pulled the swarm away, and I felt how hard it was to move them.

    I was left with the ruins of my power.  My range was maybe a third of what it might otherwise be, the control rough-edged at best.  There were bugs in my swarm that I couldn’t control, too small. - Excerpt from Speck 30.1
  140. 140.0 140.1 Speck 30.3
  141. 141.0 141.1 141.2 141.3 Speck 30.1
  142. Speck 30.1 Excerpt - It belatedly clicked.  Sixteen feet was the distance they needed to keep from me.
  143. “Will you state your name for the record?”
    “Taylor Hebert.”
    “Your date of birth?”
    “June nineteenth, 1995.” - Excerpt from Scarab 25.1 (this was later redacted by WOG)
  144. “It’s the nineteenth,” he said. “Your birthday was a week ago.” Excerpt from Monarch 16.7
  145. 145.0 145.1 Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 3
  146. Taylor's classes are an hour and a half long, or an hour and fifteen minutes long, IIRC, with a bit of extra time for homeroom announcements and whatnot. She arrives at the start of the day and goes to her locker, she gets shoved into her locker and she has time to get a glimpse of people looking - and enough time passes that she realizes that those same people who saw didn't take any action on her behalf. She's not really in a position to bang, facing in, too cramped to turn around.
    Not so much time passes that the next class starts - or it's as the class opens that people realize what happened and that's when she's let out.
    Wildbow on Reddit
  147. Wildbow: Generally the PRT will pay visits to likely triggerees - special cases, victims of extraordinary violence or disaster, etc. They paid a visit to Taylor in her hospital room, for example, though nothing came of that.

    [Edit with afterthought: Crisis points, ftr]
    Discreet: If she did get visited by a hero, I'd find it odd that she'd never mention it, especially when at one point or another she's fighting them later in the story or stuffing centipedes in their mouth

    Wildbow: Taylor was near catatonic when she got a visit. - Conversation with Wildbow on Discord, Archived on Spacebattles.
  148. Extermination 8.7
  149. Monarch 16.13
  150. Cell
  151. That the crew had stayed suggested something about their personalities. Discreet, paranoid people, who’d built a shelter inside the facility as a hiding place, in case things went to hell.

    Which was pretty damn reasonable, considering the sheer amount of nightmarish crap there was in the world.

    I used portals to take control of them. I couldn’t read what was on the screens, so I had them take a more direct route. They made their way through the building, throwing switches, pulling plugs and opening sealed doors. - Excerpt from Speck 30.4
  152. Point_Me_@_The_Sky: Now she’s gone and you’re still here.

    FlippinMad: Gone?
    FlippinMad: she retired? Or she’s dead? Gone gone?

    Point_Me_@_The_Sky: She is *gone*. - Glow-worm P.9
  153. The entity recognized her shard. The last one that had split off before the entity took on this form.

    The female with the administrator shard had long since fled, covering the retreat with her small army of lesser lifeforms, more traps snapping into place in her wake. - Excerpt from Interlude 26
  154. https://parahumans.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/extinction-27-2/

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