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Date posted 3 January 2012
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Tangle 6.7 is the seventh chapter of Tangle. Fleeing, Armsmaster and Dauntless catch up, Circus, Trainwreck and the Travelers show up, and the Undersiders benefactor introduces themselves.


The Undersiders move away from the Gallery on the dogs, leaping from building to building. Having moved a good distance away, the team decend to the group and wake Tattletale up using some smelling salts Skitter had decided to carry following their encounter with Über and Leet. Tattletale immediately realises they will have been tailed, Armsmaster announcing his arrival mid way through her sentence.

The team is blocked in by Dauntless at the other end of the alley that they had set down in, and Armsmaster demands their surrender again. Tattletale insists they make a move to the parking garage where they left their vehicle, despite protests that they will be in no better position. Grue covers most of the alley in darkness, however Dauntless uses a forcefield produced by his shield to block any passage towards him, and begins advancing towards the Undersiders. Tattletales attempts to talk to him fail due to ear buds Armsmaster had told him to wear, however Regent is provoked by a shock caused by touching the forcefield and he uses his power to mess with Dauntless' footing and make him fall, causing the forcefield to disappear and giving the Undersiders an escape route.

The heroes continue pursuit to the entrance of the parking garage. Dauntless fails to deal relevant damage to the dogs with his arclance and is interrupted from an attempt at hitting the team by Regent, while Armsmaster closes the distance and declares there to be no escapes from the garage. However, Trickster reveals his presence by teleporting Armsmaster into range of Trainwreck who grabs and repeatedly slams him into a car bonnet. Armsmasters attempts at fighting back are negated by Trickster swapping his weapon away and Genesis, who is using the form of a strange sea creature. Armsmaster is knocked out, and Trainwreck crushes the halberd in his hand.

Meanwhile, Sundancer has blocked off Dauntless' retreat path while Circus and Ballistic engage him. Circus twice forces use of the forcefield by throwing knives and blowing fire at him from a torch using her pyrokinesis, and Ballistic instantly causes it to fail by sending cars into it. Once in close range, Circus hits Dauntless with a sledgehammer from her pocket dimension until he is downed.

Once the two heroes are defeated, Coil emerges from the shadows, showing himself as the Undersiders' boss. After Tattletale verifies there is no further pursuers, he invites the Undersiders' and Trickster to join him in his car for a discussion.



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