So I know techincally speaking he isn't a cape, but he is a parahuman, so I think he's deserving of some classifications (not numbers, just classifications), here's what I have so far:

Mover: He can fly and move at extremely fast speed (near teleportation)

Blaster: His rays can be manipulated, so it would have to be a high level, but since we're not talking levels, it would just be Bllaster.

Breaker: Bear with me now, I think he has breaker due to his telekinesis powers.  If you notice, shamrock (one of the strongest telekineticists in the story) is a breaker/thinker.  So I think he's a breaker.

If you have any objections or additions, let me know!

I'm pretty sure he's got every power, since he has access to a lot of shards at once. Some of the ones you missed that he explicitly has include Contessa's power, when he gives Eidolon a Heroic Blue Screen of Death with 4 words, which is a Thinker power, and since he has a form of regeneration (and is also very durable) he has a Brute power too. 11:57, February 13, 2015 (UTC)

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