Tailgate is a heroic member of Advance Guard.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Tailgate is a Mover/Shaker who is capable of creating portals. The portals she creates look like forcefields. When people enter the portals, they turn into a fractal energy bolt and move quickly to a different location.



Tailgate received her powers from Cauldron. She left the PRT and was arrested when this information came out, but refused to answer any questions. Eight months later, she was released.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Tailgate was among the first wave of Wardens' attack on Teachers base. When their reinforcements eventually came, she was exhausted to the point of being unable to process speech.


  1. Gong was annoyed enough at the distraction- at the distraction and maybe just how it seemed to affect the kids in his squad who weren’t doing so hot. Blatherskite was feeling everything and Tailgate was stiff-chinned and asborbing nothing, staring off into space.- Excerpt from Dying 15.3
  2. “Movers tend to trigger from a need to escape, shakers usually trigger from environment. Combine the two and it stands to reason that being trapped would remind her of that event and circumstance.” - Excerpt from Dying 15.3

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