Stonewall is of of the Wardens front-liners.[1]


Stonewall is described as not the 'TV type'.[2]


Stonewall creates and wears extremely dense stone armor[3], as well as a shield.

Abilities and PowersEdit

His armor and shields are power created. They are at least semi-permanent, and Stonewall can manifest more at will.[4]



Stonewall was a part of the Guild.

Gold MorningEdit

Survived Gold Morning.


Stonewall was one of the key members of the Wardens.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Stonewall was seen on prison guard duty at the new Wardens HQ.

He and his team was found by Antares holding the position in Teacher's Compound.[5] He was severely worn out by the assault, wounded and at one moment had to be rescued from his armor, that became too heavy to move.[6]


  1. Inside the building, statues of key members stood off to either side of the lobby. Chevalier, Narwhal, Valkyrie, Legend, Cinereal, Stonewall, Topflight and Miss Militia.
    “Is Weld getting a statue?” Tristan asked.

    “Not for a while,” Sveta said. “That’s more for people who’ve put in the years, and he only just got in. He’s got a preliminary thing in the gift shop.” - Excerpt from Glare 3.6
  2. Narwhal doesn’t do TV, and some of the ex-Guild like Stonewall and more stern, dark Protectorate types like Cinereal aren’t exactly TV types either.” - Gleaming 9.2
  3. I only recognized one of the heroes. Stonewall, with a fellow hero keeping him company. Stonewall had stone armor, which he wore even while sitting and eating. It was stylish and looked heavy as fuck. The kind of protection that didn’t make him look insecure. - Excerpt from Black 13.1
  4. Barriers to replace the concrete walls that were being broken down. At another decahedron, Stonewall was doing something similar, planting his shield in the ground, then manifesting another. - Excerpt from Dying 15.3
  5. Dying 15.2
  6. Dying 15.3

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