Squad Yellow-Black are a team of elite soldiers working under Teacher, each separately gifted abilities by him.

Members Edit

Name Gifted Abilities
The Wasp Commander Gifted the ability of strategic awareness and focus.[1]
Cathound Enhanced senses, including night vision, super hearing, tactile sense, smell, and balance.[2]
Horn Carries a heavy shield and pneumatic punch for knocking holes in walls.
Shutter Employs camera devices.
Dripfeed Martial arts expert. Has a 'deathtouch', a Thinker ability that allows him to attack an opponents body in a way that forces it into working against itself, by doing things like giving heart arrhythmia or carbon dioxide bubbles in the blood.[3]
Tricks The crackshot of the group, in the ninety-ninth percentile of the entirety of Teacher's army.


The Attack on Teacher's CompoundEdit

Squad Yellow-Black fought for Teacher when the heroes attacked his compound.

The team went up against the combined forces of Tress, Swansong and one of the Harbinger Clones, and were killed as a result.


  1. His eyes were wide, taking in every detail. With Teacher’s ‘consultation’, he had been gifted strategic awareness and focus. He had studied maps of the complex, his team’s numbers like sprinting speed, endurance, and accuracy at the range, and he had studied the enemy. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.x II
  2. Cathound snapped his fingers twice in rapid succession. He held up three fingers, pointed down the hall, then he tapped his ear.

    Enhanced senses. Normally teacher granted something like enhanced hearing or enhanced vision. Cathound had the whole suite; night vision, super hearing, tactile sense, smell, and balance. His shooting numbers were in the ninety-second percentile among everyone who had been tested. For squad Yellow-Black, that was poor. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.x II
  3. But he fought back. He slipped past reaching bands, ducking low, then stepped in close. Fingers stabbed at flesh, targeting specific areas. Where the flesh wasn’t yet dissolved with her power, Dripfeed’s death touch did its work. Each hit used a thinker power to figure out ways to convince the body to produce its own poisons or work counter to its own interests.

    She coughed loudly, then expelled a mouthful of vomit with a third cough.

    One hit could be enough, without medical care to reverse its effects. Heart arrhythmia that cascaded into heart failure. Carbon Dioxide bubbles manifesting in the bloodstream as the result of very specific wavelengths. Clots were forced to form by impacted sites of damage, that would immediately float free and lead to stroke. Dripfeed could be sadistic, too, leaving people brain damaged and drooling, or paralyzed and aware. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.x II

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