Spur was a member of the Las Vegas Protectorate who stuck out. Until he abandoned it along with the rest of his team.


Comfortable with manipulation.


His teamEdit

He had a lot of loyalty to members of his team.[1] Even in a very dangerous situation Spur trusted in the team's ability to cope.[2] Given the number of jobs they've worked together this was likely based on past experience.

Bad CanaryEdit

Claimed to be a fan of hers, even remembering most of her music. It is unknown how accurate this is.[3]


Spur is described as in his mid-twenties, and acceptably attractive. He has bleached white hair and wears a costume themed around barbed wire, with real barbed wire mixed with tattoos of the same. He wears acid-bleached jeans and a simple black mask, covering the upper part of his head, with the image of a circle of barbed wire on his forehead.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Spur is a thinker whose precognition functions best when everyone around him is at their worst; FUBAR, in the midst of chaos and heightened emotions.[4] He doesn't appear to be a powerful pre-cog, but is competent cold reader, bluffer and more even without his powers boosted.[5]

His association with Blowout is probably intentional, as both their powers react to heightened emotions allowing for power synergy.[6] This and the above may be what really made him able to operate in the Thinker heavy environment of Las Vegas.

Spur possibly has an enhanced memory, as he is able to remember all of Canary's songs as well as the lyrics, when even she claimed to have trouble recalling them.[7] It's possible that he is genuinely that big of a fan of her work but his manipulative behaviour makes that hard authenticate.[3]



Trigger conditions unknown.


First seen when Pretender was being taken into custody.[1][8][2]

Gold Morning Edit

He was last seen being moved into Protectorate custody with Nix, though it is probable he was pulled into Gold Morning. He failed to negotiate a release from custody despite knowing what happened to Revel and others.[9]

He was last mentioned being taken into Protectorate custody,[10] but given later events it is unknown if he remained in it or even survived

Trivia Edit

  • His name is likely a reference to the saying "spur of the moment" with the barbed wire imagery as a sort of visual pun.


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    “Dick,” Floret said. “Like that’s how she wants to be remembered.”

    “I remember the music too,” he protested.

    “Yeah,” Canary said. She rubbed the back of her neck, avoiding eye contact. “It doesn’t matter anyways, does it? Long time ago, and we’ve got better things to worry about.”

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    He did. There were bugs on the fingers.

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  9. “Fantastic,” Spur answered.

    “Tell us where the heroes are. No nonsense,” I said. “Fake wall, fake rock, wherever. Talk.”

    “Let’s hear what you’re offering in exchange,” Nix said.

    “No,” I responded. I used my bugs to open the Dragonfly’s ramp.

    “You don’t know that they’re safe,” Spur said. He smiled a little.

    “If you want to know what happened to Satyr, explain,” I said. “Waste any time, and we leave and send the PRT here to investigate. You won’t get any answers.”

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