Spruce is a supervillian and a resident of the Birdcage.


Prim, proper and concerned about correctness.[1] Used to acting as a majordomo and making sure everything runs smoothly.[2]



Unknown how his attitudes mesh with Marquis interests in the vague concept of Honor.

He stuck with him throughout imprisonment and well after release.


He is described as being slight[3] but immaculately dressed, more neat than even The Number Man who presumably has power assistance.[4] Two years out of the birdcage he had taken to a beard and parted hair all while retaining his sartorial elegance, with a basic white opera mask.[1]

People are known to mistake him as some kind of Butler.[5]


Spruce can create orbs that have been variously described as 'cabbage[s] made of stone'[6] and origami onions;[7] alternatively he creates projections that have differing effects.

These projections have an disintegration effect[8] that can eat its way through thick bone and stone and persumably other materials. Its other showcased function can be used to provide a limited clairvoyant effect on a target, leaving them unharmed.[7] He has been seen using it as a type of body search.


His facility, as in accuracy and control, with his power has decreased since his incarceration. Given that Marquis trusted Spruce to cause a controlled collapse of the cave entrance and thus contain the newly ascendant Khepri.[6] Two years is presumably enough for him to recover.



One does not get sent to the birdcage by being nice.

Story StartEdit

He is one of Marquis' lieutenants in the Birdcage.[9]

Gold MorningEdit

Was released with the other prisoners at the start.[10]

When he, Marquis, and others confront Khepri, fresh from her apotheosis, Spruce says that he used to have more accuracy and control than he does currently and does not trust himself to use his power.[6] Thus Marquis has to step in and try to contain the nascent godling, giving her a chance to break out.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Two years later Spruce was at the court of Lord of Loss on Earth N, where he posed as herald and security. Regained fine control over his power and provided a very risky pat-down.[5]

He worked as a chauffeur for Marquis.[11]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Was getting over the flu when he was called in by the greater villain alliance that was trying to make a statement.[12]


  • Spruce's name works on multiple levels as a synonym for cleaning up a place, spruce up a place. As well as the spruce tree given the cabbage or pine cone form his power takes.


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