Spitfire is a member of Faultline’s Crew.


Labyrinth remarks that she is not amoral, as she is careful to make sure she does not hit those who are vulnerable to her fire.[2] Tattletale says that Spitfire was too kind to have been visited as Burnscar's pick for a prospective member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.[3]

She seems to like Gregor. Her side of her and Labyrinth's shared bedroom in Palanquin is cluttered, filled with magazines, posters, and pictures as well as a bookshelf and an Apple computer and speaker systems that she uses to play CDs.[4]

Relationships Edit

She rooms with Labyrinth and seems to be her minder while they are on missions.[5]


Spitfire wears a concealing, red and black[6] fireproof suit[7] and a modified gas mask with reflective lenses and a nozzle at the base.[8] Under her costume, she has dense freckles on her face and hands and curly brown hair.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Spitfire has the ability to spew geysers of a napalm-like liquid chemical from her mouth that ignites on contact with air, creating intense flame that can melt concrete,[9] stone,[10] and steel beams.[11]

She had grown proficient with its use.[10]



Shortly after Spitfire triggered, the Undersiders attempted to take her on as a member, either at her application[12] or of their own volition,[9] but she was scared off by an altercation with Bitch[9][13] and Faultline's Crew recruited her instead.

Story Start Edit

Spitfire attended the meeting at Somer's Rock to decide what would be done about the ABB.[6] She helped Gregor the Snail, Skitter, and Grue to burn down a tenement building housing ABB soldiers.


She accompanied her team when they crashed a Merchants drug party and attempted to fight back when Burnscar attacked Palanquin.[14]

She failed to defend her home against burnscar.[7]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Spitfire was with the rest of the crew when they infiltrated Madison, and when Contessa attacked the crew at their hotel there, she was injured badly enough to need a tracheotomy, which she survived. She also attended the battle against Echidna along with the rest of her crew at Tattletale's request for Labyrinth.[15]

Gold MorningEdit

She was seen with the crew during the meeting after Gold Morning began.

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