The Speedrunners are recurrent nuisances from Seattle.

Modus operandi Edit

Their operations are limited by their comparably lackluster time manipulator powers, they generally operated only once every twenty days or so, and the batteries on their technology would run out during long engagements.[1]

They act as mercenaries. Depraved enough to disgust Ingenue, but mostly pragmatic.[2]

As Fallen they changed their color-sheme to black with red elements.[3]


The group is made up of time-manipulators who augment their powers with tinker devices. It is unknown which of them is the tinker; some speculated that they were all tinkers.[4][5]

Name Description
Secondhand A time-dilation speedster who can't interact with the world while slowed, he uses tinkertech for offense.
Final Hour The "heavy hitter"; able to slow down targets in a small area. Uses tinkertech to apply various effects to targets.
Last Minute Most probably the tinker; uses a large arsenal of tinkertech. His power is to move inanimate objects back in time.
End of Days A new addition to the team, he shunts people into a dark dimension for a few seconds.



The group used to operate out of Seattle. They had reliably income there.[6]

Gold MorningEdit

Seemingly survived the event with no fatalities.


Moved to Hollow Point where they worked as a security.

Started attending Crowley's parties, and skipped some troubles in Hollow Point.[2]

Were revealed to be part of The Fallen, and aided them against the Hollow Point villains.[7]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

After the battle was essentially lost the newly christened Thomais Branch led an evacuation of Fallen members out into a new world, making their way to Cheit[8]

Cooperated with Cradle, they provided tech that allowed March to pop the time bubbles.[9]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Found their way to Teacher's Cauldron.[10]

Speedrunners defended Teacher's base during The Wardens' assault. They were able to recover and restore two out of three of Saint's mechas after their destruction,[11] and successfully ambush Capricorn and Antares.[2]

They were able to seriously incapacitate a member of Breakthrough.[12]

Presumably, they were killed by Imp and The Heartbroken.

Later, some of their tech was integrated by Dragon into her strike-crafts.[13]


  • Speedrunning is the term for trying to get through a video game in as little time as possible.
  • Despite initial confusion, the Speedrunners were an independent group that joined the Fallen after Gold Morning.


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