Speck 30.1
Date posted 15 October 2013
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Speck 30.1 is the first chapter of Speck. Taylor wakes up, Tattletale berates her, then Marquis pulls everyone away. They try to escape, but Taylor comes through, before leaving by choice.


Taylor regains consciousness and finds that she has lost much for apparently little gain.

Her new power makes itself known. She has gained the ability to control people. Ultimate master.

Marquis tries to contain Taylor and reascue his daughter. He succeeds at first but taylor becomes desperate. Not wanting to be contained after giving so much she's escapes.

Khepri steps into the afternoon sun.


Major EventsEdit

  • Panacea modifies Taylors brain.
  • Taylor gains the ability to control anyone within a sixteen-foot range at the cost of two thirds of her former range and a rough-edge control over insects.
  • Taylor takes control of Panacea and Lung.
  • Marquis arrives before using his power to trap Weaver near the edge of the cave while pulling Lung and Panacea out of her range.
  • Thus begins the Rise of Khepri


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