Not a nice place to be.[1][2][3]

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  2. South America

    That which is the case in America is almost the inverse in South America. The government supports villains and heroes are working against the system and the general leaning of society to get a foothold. They're frequently romanticized and played up, and image/public appeal is a weapon/propaganda tool/means of survival, when one might need frequent hiding places or assistance in getting shit done. You know how Skitter dealt with the Mayor and Triumph? That was business as usual in South America, if things weren't worse. Then the local powers bent their heads and dropped to their knees and agreed to play ball. There's a big divide between public and powers. - Reddit 2
  3. Spider silk extended between me and the various capes around me. These guys were South American. Three out of four would be in league with the various criminal factions and cartels. One in four were ‘heroes’. I couldn’t tell the difference between them. The cues and details in their costumes weren’t ones I was familiar with. The choices in color, style, attitude and more were too similar. A cultural gap I couldn’t wrap my head around, in any event.

    Things were confused further by the fact that, by many accounts, the villains running or serving within the cartels were the ones sponsored by the government. The ‘heroes’, in turn, were rogue agents. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6

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