Somer's Rock is a family owned pub in Brockton Bay.[1]


Somer's Rock is a nondescript pub in the middle of a long street full of hole in the wall businesses. There are iron bars on the windows while the outside paint was peeling and the rust from the bars had bled onto the gray-white paint below the windows.

The inside of Somer's Rock was described as "dim, dingy, and depressing". The wood floor is stained the same color as the counter while the curtains and tablecloths are dark green. The only "real color" or "brightness" is the yellow light cast by old light bulbs.


  • Family owned
    • Teenage daughter
    • Twin Brother Bartenders



Unknown when it was established.

Story Start

Following Bakuda's bombing spree, the Empire Eighty-Eight, Undersiders, Faultline’s Crew, and the Merchants met in Somer's Rock to talk about what they would do about the Azn Bad Boys.


  • While one of the servers is stated to be deaf it is unconfirmed that this applies to the whole family.


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