Soldat was a villain paramilitary on the north end of Boston during the Boston Games.[1]

Modus operandi Edit

They casually utilized guns during their dealings, meaning that other sides, abiding by Unwritten Rules, would heavily prioritize them as targets.[2][3][4]

Their primary strategy is distract and attack. One member would use teleportation, position, stalling and forcing reactions, while the other is collected and ready to attack.[5]

They hired henchmen and were known to hire professional soldiers from outside of Boston,[6] including foreigners[7]



Origin unknown.

Boston GamesEdit

Laid claim on the east part of the city.[2] Did not participate in any villain meetings.

Unwisely decided to fight against everyone, which hobbled their achievements.[2]

Damsel of Distress choose their transport truck as her first target, planning to feed the group to heroes and scavengers, weakening everyone involved. She successfully evaded Soldat parahumans and produced a multi-sided skirmish over the toppled vehicle.[8]


Name Description
Blaster sniper A man who uses a tube to create detonations. He slaps his hand against the hollow end of the tube, causing his power ripped through it and hit the ground. It detonates, and the shock-waves can be enough to lift a person off the ground.
Mutating teleporter After each teleport, the parahuman appears, but with a random mutation set. Most mutations would be weak, but some were more dangerous. Examples include additional sets of eyes, a gaping mouth, and 4 arms.[9]
Wallcrawling teleporter A second teleporting woman. She sports a stylized modern camouflage uniform, mask strapped on with a bandage wrapped around her head to help keep the mask in place and long black hair that escaped from the bandage and straps of the mask to billow in the wind. Her power lets her materialize on non-horizontal surfaces and was seen standing horizontally on a wall.[10]
Marrow An ex-employee/henchman of Soldat. Assumed to have no powers.


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    “Soldat. They’re still around, north end.”

    They left you behind?” - Excerpt from Eclipse x.3
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    That was the game. It was the walking of the line between the selfish things we did for ourselves and our teams and what served the greater good. Secret identities were to be left alone. Families weren’t to be touched. The day to day of the city and civilian lives weren’t allowed to be disrupted. No killing; no guns. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.8
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    A lot of people (especially backseat critics who like to go on at length about what in-story characters are doing wrong) tend to say 'Gawd! just bring a gun, shoot them!', but in reality carrying a gun tends to say a lot, changing all interactions surrounding a cape. Knives and other weapons do to, but carrying something like that can often be considered almost an extension of the costume/image. Guns fit into that less.
    Carrying a gun adjusts all interactions. You're saying 'I'm not in this to play' or 'I'm expecting to hurt seriously and risk being hurt, and I'm prepared to defend myself'. It escalates the game and makes everyone a little more tense. A gang of thugs that all carry guns are going to come across as much more serious and will be treated as such. Getting arrested while having a gun, even if you don't use it, the group is going to get hit that much harder. Less so for a single individual carrying a gun in a larger group.
    In short, it's discouraged.
    Keep in mind that I'm talking about handguns here. Rifles, SMGs, shotguns, the context is much different. You don't bring a SMG to perform more effective warning shots.
    Using a gun, though, that changes things. The moment someone gets shot, it stops being theatrics and posturing and becomes an omnipresent danger. The game is no longer being entertained. In large part, context aside, the shooter is giving up the unwritten rules that would benefit them.
    Tattletale played by the rules. She shot Glory Girl to disable the forcefield. Still softballing it. Skitter shot Coil, but there was a longstanding relationship (and it was fairly discreet). Still sketchy, still a problem.
    Doing it with no warning, shooting a civilian, doing it recklessly enough civilians get caught in the crossfire, doing it against someone weaker, all will be perceived as dangerous and reckless. Maybe the entire city's cape population doesn't band together to go after you like the ABB did, but others may start playing it like the referee isn't watching anymore.
    You're the guy who shot Smokey Bandit, I don't know the whole story, and I'm not going to give you the benefit of a doubt and fight you one on one. I'm going to blindside you with two of my buddies at my back. Oh, you want to join Dark Lord Prowess' team? Well he doesn't want a jackoff who shoots B-listers working for him. Hm, you want to deal with me? Work together? Fuck you, it's your recklessness that's scaring civilians and making it harder for me to keep stuff running smoothly.
    The way the rules work, people know what's up and generally things work against those who pack heat and those who use it recklessly. They end up alone, they end up with more enemies rallied against them, hitting harder, and generally they get enough warnings that they should cut it out that they'll quit it or commit. Typically the approach of the opposition will be 'we know he uses guns, so let's not make this a thing that keeps escalating'.
    In different areas, though, the situation may well be different. I can picture Texas having more gun-wielding capes in general. - Wildbow on Reddit
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