"Softball" was a case 53 that Taylor fought in Cauldron's Base, nicknamed for his powers[1].


Softball had two allies - a tough, normal-looking parahuman who was tough and difficult to move and appeared to be able to see through things, and one other, who the other two seemed to fear and who was eager to loot the cells.

Like most Case 53s, he hated Cauldron and their agents. He complained to his friends that they were missing the execution of the Slug. [1]


Softball looked like a normal human.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Softball had the ability to create spheres of light around living things, which moved to follow them. Anything inside the sphere of light became soft and malleable, and any alterations to it while inside were permanent.

When Taylor's bugs caught inside the bubbles tried to move in different directions, they were squashed against the edges as if against a solid surface, but made it through. When one surrounded her head, she had difficulty breathing and her vision was distorted, but went back to normal when the effect ended.

The spheres were only large enough to contain someone's head at their largest, and faded after a short time. [1]


Background Edit

As a Case 53, Softball would have been given an experimental formula by Cauldron, branded, and possibly had his memories erased before being imprisoned in the compound[1].

Gold Morning Edit

He fought Taylor, making her unable to safely touch anything and neutralizing her largest swarms with his power but she bound him with thread and then choked him with bugs when he began weakening the threads. Meanwhile, his friends were captured by the others in her group.

He and his allies were brainwashed by Canary, and Taylor had him sit in a corridor and pretend to make out with his friend, chasing anyone who investigated the area away as if they were disturbing a private moment. The dense man was sent to set up a trap for Mantellum. [1]


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