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Snuff is a villainous member of the Undersiders, who works directly under Tattletale.


Snuff works for Tattletale, mainly because he wants the status of working with a powerful group.[1]


Snuff is a burly man, who wears a skintight costume and a heavy cloth hood with the eyes cut out, and a series of x's stitched on to form a frown.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Snuff is capable of forming some kind of miniature black hole, that sucks things into it.[3]



Worked as killer for hire.[4]


Snuff was with Tattletale when Victoria paid her a visit.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Protected Tattletale from March, then was send off to oversee sensitive secondary projects.

He was later seen with Citrine's cleanup crowd.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Assisted in the investigation of the diary.

The Ice Breaks[]

Snuff was unceremoniously killed while attempting to defend a group of capes against the Impaler Titan.[5]


  1. Snuff wanted her for the status. She had a place in the city and in the cape dynamic, and he was cementing a role as her enforcer and bodyguard.- Interlude 10.x II
  2. She was followed by a flurry of small birds that settled on the street by the exit of the alley, and by one bodyguard. The cape was burly, wearing a skintight suit that showed off his muscles, and wore a heavy cloth hood with eyeholes cut out, a series of ‘x’ stitches forming a frowny-face. The lines around his eyes were cut deep. Very weary. He stood with his hands clasped behind him.- Glare 3.1
  3. Tattletale whistled to get Snuff’s attention. The guy whipped up what looked like a miniature black hole, sucking up all the smoke and, by the looks of it, vacuuming up a lot of the other particulate, mess, and the light dusting of snow from his hood and the coarse, thick black sweater he wore.- Black 13.5
  4. “I recognize him. Snuff,” Anelace observed, as we got closer to Tattletale.

    “Is it a problem?” Tattletale asked.

    “He was a murderer for hire.”- Black 13.5
  5. Their target in this case was a blob of darkness. A shield that consumed and devoured the space-warped extension of the drill bit. Snuff. The Undersiders were in that crowd. Parian was.


    Snuff was expanding his blob of darkness, trying to ‘eat’ the incoming attack, but the drill grew just a bit faster than his blob did.


    A quick glance back showed me another bloody mess. Where there had been snow and mud, there was now a spiral of blood- several. Snuff had died, and the capes between him and the Titan had gone down with him. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.5

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