Snowmann was one of five special hybrid clones created by Bonesaw for the Slaughterhouse 9000. It was a combination of Mannequin and Winter.


Snowmann looked like a fatter version of the original Mannequin, at least three times larger.[1] It also wore the same white ceramic armor.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Like the original Mannequin, Snowmann was a Tinker specializing in sustaining life. Unlike the original, Snowmann worked almost exclusively with ice to augment its technology, the result of Winter's influence.

As well as its Tinker armor, Snowmann also possesses a slightly weaker version of Winter's power, able to slow projectiles and dull anyone's mind when in range.

Snowmann is also quite strong, able to throw a Hatchet Face quite easily into a mass of heroes.

Equipment Edit

Snowmann's ceramic armor contains highly pressurized ice, so if it were to be damaged by anything, ice would spew out, encasing and trapping the offending object. A similar design was used to surround a whole building[2] earlier in the story, and is almost certainly Snowmann's work.

Snowmann utilizes heavier, uglier blades than the original Mannquin, more akin to axe blades than knives. It also has chains that it can use as a grappling hook to move around.


Snowmann took part in the Slaughterhouse 9000 attack in Redfield, alongside several Hatchet Faces, Miasmas and Murder Rats. Initially Winter's power was blocked by Hatchet Face, leaving only Snowmann's Tinker weapons, but it still managed to break Cuff's shoulder socket through her armor while taking several bullets. After the Hatchet Face was killed, Snowmann managed to leverage Winter's power to slow down and injure Tecton severely.

Wanton managed to break away much of the ice that surrounded Snowmann, while Cuff fixed Tecton's armor. Both Cuff and Tecton worked together to launch a net made of spider silk and metal to trap Snowmann, allowing Chevalier to kill it using his sword.


  • It is unknown whether Snowmann is female or male, as its 'parents' were opposite genders and the parahuman itself was covered in armor. However, Snowmann's name suggests that it was male, and Weaver assumes so when seeing it for the first time.
    • The typical enhancements of mannequin render this question moot however.


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