Slingstone is a heroic member of the Navigators.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Slingstone is a blaster, who can only shoot a single shot at a time of softball sized stones. These stones fly in straight lines at high velocities, and are noted to be very good at shattering things that are inorganic, notably armor.[1]



Previously a member of Haven, he left for unknown reasons.

Slingstone regularly took part in Endbringer battles, but a year before Leviathan hit Brockton Bay, he had been injured and didn't recover until Gold Morning.[2]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

The Navigators were contacted by an anonymous source on Parahumans Online, who used information about the team's background to bait them to a location where they were eventually ambushed. Slingstone and his team were torn to pieces, with a power used to keep them alive and conscious.[3]

It was eventually found that Cradle was the one who perpetrated this attack.


  1. A blaster, a single shot at a time, softball sized ‘stones’. They flew in straight lines at high velocities and were really, really good at breaking through and shattering the inorganic, including armor. Polarize 10.10
  2. But he’d fought Endbringers, traveling overseas to do it. A year before Leviathan had hit Brockton Bay, Slingstone had been hurt in an Endbringer fight, and he’d taken a break. He’d resumed activities just in time for the world to end. Polarize 10.10
  3. “Twelve hours ago,” I explained, “The Navigators were sent a message on Parahumans Online. It was very targeted, telling them that there was a group of families that had been captured and held on a tinker vessel. They’d escaped on Gold Morning and were looking to reconnect with their families. For those of you who know the Navigators, this is like offering a million dollars to mercenaries or an international shipment of someone else’s supply to a drug lord. It’s what they’re about.”

    There were some nods. Most knew this. Withdrawal was sitting in a chair, his agility frame folded up, under and around the chair so it had some spring to it, adjustable on the fly. A notebook was pressed against his knee and he took notes as I talked.

    “They used knowledge about the team to bait them, and when they attacked the Navigators, they hit hard. All three members are in the hospital and we don’t know if they’ll recover.”

    “They were taken to pieces,” I said. “Cut, torn, dismembered, fingers removed, teeth scattered. A power was used to preserve them before it happened. They’re aware and feel every piece, they aren’t succumbing to exposure, sickness, or blood loss.” - Excerpt from Polarize 10.11

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