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Slician is a member of the Wardens.


Slician was comfortable operating as a hero in a very flattering costume. One which allowed easy appreciation.



Slician flirted with Weld and propositioned him, which he turned down.[1]


Slician has black hair, and wears a black, skintight suit that leaves nothing to the imagination. It has something hybridizing blades and fins that covers her essential areas, and made her look dangerous.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Slician is a slippery mover, that performs better in enclosed environments.[3]


Her costume, presumably, enhances her power.


Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Slician acted as a factor in the breakup of Weld and Sveta, as Sveta discovered pictures of her and Weld on his phone.

She was present during the assembly of the second team aiming for Teacher's stronghold.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Slician was present during the second Shin crisis, she accompanied Weld and Sveta.[4] She saved Sveta's life during The Red Queen's outburst.[5]

The Ice Breaks[]

She accompanied Weld during his meeting with survived Case 53s,[6] and stayed by his side during the later fighting with Titans.[7]


  1. That was a mess. Narwhal had seen him making eyes at one of the other girls in the Wardens. Slician. She’d noticed and she’d approached him, and he’d turned her down. It wouldn’t have been easy. - Excerpt from Heavens 12.x
  2. The images were still up. Weld with a girl with black hair, and a skintight suit that… well, there were suits that looked like they were were painted on and it looked like the woman had pointed to one of those and said ‘tighter’. Every muscle and rib stood out with the black gloss of the costume. Something hybridizing fins with blades ran along strategic points, tapering down, so cameltoe and nips weren’t quite as obvious, and served to make her look fairly dangerous. - Excerpt from Black 13.7
  3. “Slician slides. More effective movement in tighter spaces." - Excerpt from Sundown 17.7
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