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Sleeper is an S-Class threat of mysterious nature.


Little is known about Sleeper's personality, as he was for the most part dormant.[3] During Gold Morning, he was willing to use his power on refugees at the Zayin settlements.[2] Some time later, Khepri found Sleeper sitting and reading a book out loud to himself.[4]

When Legend deterred Sleeper from emerging some time after the Attack on Teacher, Tattletale believed he was only dormant for now. If Sleeper had motivations for making one attempt, she believed he would budge again soon.[5]

It is possible to bait in Sleeper and lure him to a location.[6][7]

Sleeper was not interested in fighting against Scion[4] or the Titans.[6]


The PRT classifies him as an S-Class threat like the Endbringers, the Slaughterhouse Nine, and Nilbog.[8] He was an obvious threat like Nilbog and the Three Blasphemies.[9] Because of his dormancy, Dragon and by extension Saint consider him a secondary threat.[3]

Number Man describes Sleeper, with Ash Beast and the Three Blasphemies, as living examples of the fact that the increasing number of parahumans would inevitably lead to cataclysmic events.[10]

Because Sleeper is still a major threat,[11] the Wardens keep an eye on him.[12][13]

Abilities and Powers[]

From an out-of-universe perspective, relatively little is known about his power.[14] However, Sleeper deserves his reputation: he does not have a Stranger power to be inherently viewed as a dangerous S-Class threat.[15] During Gold Morning, Khepri declines to capture him while collecting parahumans to use against Scion, believing him to be "more trouble than he was worth".[4]


His power manifests as a 'storm' that from a distance crackled, boiled, and popped.[1] The storm looks like a cloud of rainbow shimmers;[16] according to Defiant, the rainbow sheen somehow felt nonsensical with the way the colors unfolded.[1] Sleeper's storm appears to move relatively slowly; it crept forward at the horizon[17] when the Wardens lured Sleeper to the City.[7] Defiant describes the storm as being Sleeper: this could possibly imply Sleeper has a Breaker power where the awake state is the storm[1] and the dormant state is humanoid.[4] The storm was large enough to hang over one part of the City while Sleeper was present in the area.[16]

During Gold Morning, Sleeper went through the Zayin portal[18] while refugees were still setting up the settlements at Earth Zayin and the storm swept over them.[19][2] Although Sleeper's storm did not cover a large area, it still swelled in size to be large enough to encapsulate the portal, every nearby settlement, and most of its fleeing inhabitants.[2] The storm disrupts communications in the affected area; by settling near the portal, he blocked the refugees who escaped the area from getting back via the portal.[2]

When the Simurgh was flung into Sleeper's storm, she was trapped, lay prone, and was taken out of the picture entirely.[1][20] She was still dealt with even after he retreated from the area.[7] Wildbow mentioned the following hypothetical capes would be 'goners' against Sleeper:

  • A cape that can transform into a lightning-like state, who can cause damage in this state by firing lightning bolts.[21]
  • A cape that can absorb her own body volume of any inanimate matter more durable than herself to temporarily take on its properties (except for appearance and mass), permanently destroying whatever she consumes.[22]
  • A cape that can sense and understand the emotions of others involuntarily.[23]

The Wardens had specific countermeasures in mind and looked for capes with any of the following to go up against Sleeper:[24]

Torso could counter and defeat Sleeper, given the ability to reach him.[25] When Sleeper started to emerge at one point after the Attack on Teacher, Legend leveled around 30 km2 of city in an unknown timeframe to cause him to go dormant again.[5] Wildbow noted that a hypothetical Shaker that can transform the atoms of any solid within 200 meters into a crystal-like organization, slowly spread the crystal effect through connected solids, and is Manton limited against herself and biological matter would have a very slim chance of surviving against Sleeper.[26]

Based on the countermeasures and capes effective against Sleeper, some speculations can be made. The storm likely appears to be capable of devastating anyone inside unless they have All-or-Nothing defense, can physically keep taking on different forms, or have a special enough brain. His power might be fueled by some forms of matter or is related to some form of matter subversion/creation, as Legend leveling areas of city could deter Sleeper and the hypothetical Shaker had a very slim chance of survival. Destructive attacks that are All-or-Nothing are likely effective against the storm itself.

Other Abilities[]

Sleeper is a blind spot to the typical Thinker precognition.[27] However, he is not on the list of blind spots for Contessa as of the Attack on Teacher;[28] Titan Fortuna created a path that involved Sleeper.[1] He is not a blind spot for the Clairvoyant.[4]



Sleeper roams around, though primarily stays in Russia.[29] He eventually settled in Mordovia.[18]


Dragon and by extension Saint continue to monitor Sleeper's activity, though they consider him a secondary threat because he appears to be dormant. Saint noted that Sleeper shifting fractionally wasn't rare.[3]

Gold Morning[]

The Mordovia Bubble was hit at the beginning of Scion's rampage, rousing Sleeper.[18] He then traveled to Earth Zayin by portal and effectively cut it out from the greater humanity by settling near the portal and submerging nearby settlements in his power.[2]

Using the Clairvoyant, Khepri found Sleeper reading and sitting on a lawn chair on a balcony in Earth Zayin. Deeming him too troublesome to collect, she let him be.[4]

Early Ward[]

Since the events of Gold Morning, Sleeper stayed in Zayin.[30][31] But apparently, was still uneasy enough to occupy the Wardens attention and resources.[12]

On the same day as the Navigators Incident,[32][33] Tattletale's power told her that Sleeper was active.[34]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

The Wardens confirmed Sleeper was active and moving, though not fast enough to matter right now and thus ranked a non-immediate threat.[35] Legend was able to dissuade him from approaching by scorching out no man's land.[5]

The Ice Breaks[]

The Wardens baited in Sleeper and lured him to the City specifically to slow down the Titans.[7] It had little effect by itself,[6] but following the intervention from Titan Fortuna, Sleeper's storm was able to trap and take out the Simurgh.[1] Following that, Sleeper retreats and returns to passivity.[7]

Chapter Appearances[]

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  • Wildbow has stated that Sleeper was included in Worm as a result of a fan's comment that not every character should be fully explained.[14]
  • In the parahumans list, under Sleeper's power, Wildbow had a message with a caesar shift of 5, saying "As if I'd really put something here. For real."
  • Sleeper's name seems to be a reference to "let sleeping dogs lie" proverb, whose equivalent also uses the same sleep-metaphor in Russian language too, except with a specific evil bogeyman in place of dogs. "Не буди лихо пока оно тихо" or if literally translated into English: "Do not wake the Evil while it is quiet"


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