The Slaughterhouse Nine went for a recruitment drive for a new member of the team in the post-Endbringer ruins of Brockton Bay.

Prelude Edit

Brockton Bay was in a state of disarray after the attack of Leviathan, which was an opportunity the Slaughterhouse Nine took to cause some mayhem.

Events Edit

  • The Siberian attempted to recruit Rachel.[1]
  • Jack Slash fought Oni Lee, but deemed him unworthy. Met Theo Anders and the two made a promise to each other. If Theo didn't become a hero in two years, and put a stop to Jack, Jack would kill a thousand people in Theo's name, including Aster and Theo himself.[2]
  • Burnscar tried to recruit her old friend, Labyrinth.[3]
  • Mannequin attempted to recruit Armsmaster, and ended up putting him in hospital.[4]
  • Shatterbird tried to recruit Hookwolf.[5]
  • Crawler tried to reach Noelle, but Dinah managed to avert the situation, at great personal cost.[6]
  • Cherish set the Slaughterhouse Nine on her brother, Regent, simply because she hated him.[7]
  • Bonesaw forced Amy to break her rule on brains. This resulted in Amy messing with Victoria Dallons head.[8]


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