Sifara is a chief member of the Thanda.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sifara is a type of telekinetic, with the power to maintain spatial relationships, he was able to use this to counter Khonsu.[1] His power requires him to have a strong reference with what he was working with. Preferably through touch for a strong connection but, failing that, eyesight could be used albeit not as effectively.[2]



Sifara was a part of the Khonsu Meeting, and played a pivotal role in the fight against Khonsu, as his power allowed the capes fighting the Endbringer to travel with him whenever Khonsu teleported.

Gold MorningEdit

During Gold Morning, Sifara was used by Khepri throughout the event to move capes away from Scions attacks.


  1. Sensing that Khonsu was about to beat a retreat, the Thanda made their move. A piece of rubble descended from the heavens, striking Khonsu with a force that knocked half of the defending capes off their feet, myself included.

    Another of the Thanda used their power to anchor themselves to the rotating circles. They floated through the air, equidistant to the circle, effectively untouchable, waiting, watching.

    When they reached a certain point in the rotation, they caught a small hill so it could join them, anchored to them as they were anchored to the circle. It swung into Khonsu like a wrecking ball.


    The Thanda member who was rotating around the Endbringer reached out, and each and every one of the defending capes was swept up in his power, drifting counter-clockwise around the Endbringer. My feet lifted off the ground as he rose, and all of us rose with him.

    The Endbringer teleported, and thanks to the Thanda, we were collectively teleported with it. My bugs, Moord Nag’s shadow, and several tinker-made mechanical soldiers were left behind, as we found ourselves on a beach riddled with stones the size of my fist. Silos bigger than most apartment buildings loomed just over the hill.

    The fight resumed in heartbeats, capes closing the distance to fight the instant the Thanda deposited them on the ground. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  2. Sifara. A chief member of the Thanda. I’d taken to thinking of him as ‘Orbit’.

    But Orbit wasn’t quite it.

    His power required him to have a strong reference for those he worked it on. Eyesight alone didn’t work so well, because eyesight was faulty. His preference, for a strong connection, was to touch individuals. Failing that, he worked by eyesight alone.


    Sifara’s power maintained spatial relationships. He moved the ball, and every cape he’d connected to the ball moved a corresponding amount. When he turned the ball, the connected capes rotated around the ball by equal degree. - Excerpt from Speck 30.5
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