Siberian Cube Battle

The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand





8 Siberians clones killed


8 Siberians

Damage Sustained/Casualties

Siberian Cube Battle marks the battle between the heroes and a large group of Siberians.

Battle Edit

8 Siberians appeared carrying an enormous cube that held their Mantons within, effectively making them invulnerable as it would be almost impossible to get into the cube and hurt them. From here, the group of Siberians continually ran off and slaughtered innocent people. The Chicago Wards were unable to do anything about this, so were called off by Weaver and replaced by the Undersiders, Brockton Bay Wards, and a couple members of the Thanda.

The Siberians were defeated, when Clockblocker got rid of the one carrying the cube, Vista distorted the cube in order to create weak points, and finally, a Thanda cape dropped a building on them by teleporting it into the atmosphere above them, killing them for good.[1]


  1. The Thanda had a cape that was sort of in the same vein as Shuffle. A teleporter of landmasses.

    This cape didn’t need to teleport things onto solid ground. In fact, he specialized in the opposite.

    A large building was teleported into the stratosphere, where it summarily fell on the cube. I could hear the crash through the cameras the Brockton Bay Wards wore.- Sting 26.5
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