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Shortcut is a superhero with an attitude problem.


He has a volatile combination of pride and stubbornness. To the point that he is willing to play the game of vengeful attrition if necessary.[1]

Could take things badly sometimes.[2][3]


He is not particularly popular even inside his team.[4]


Thought she was a vindictive shrew. They have a generally antagonistic relationship towards one another.


Shortcut has a typical Advance Guard costume, but modified with a buzzsaw motif.[5]

As a Titan he is sleek, long-limbed, uniform in color and shade, and unable to stand straight.[6]

Abilities and Powers[]

Shortcut has a mover power that seems to be a type of controlled spatial distortion,[7] this spatial warping was accomplished by drawing out circles with his polearm and then stepping on the affected space to propel himself forward.[8]

He surfed on the blade that allowed him to move at an unbelievable speed.[9]

He is one of Advance Guard's more mobile members. While retreating he was among the last to be evacuated by the team teleporter.

As a Titan, his abilities are hugely upgraded. He is capable of dropping into the ground as if it were liquid, doing a large amount of damage to everything around himself. He can move through the ground rapidly.[10]


Axe blades galore. Uses a pole arm to move around.[9]




Met an uppity girl who manipulated an accident scene to her advantage to make him look bad. Then she got into a cape fight of her own. He made sure such a person would not be accepted into Advance Guard.[3]

When he heard this rude girl, Victoria, was applying for an interview with Advance Guard he told the team rep to turn her down and to inform her it was he who made the recommendation. Instead Advance Guard never replied.

During a Riot, Advance Guard is deployed and Shortcut meets Victoria again. She is being chatted up by Spright and Tandem. He relieves Spright and reveals to Victoria his opinion of her.

Two weeks later, he is with Advance Guard when they tried to aggressively reconnaissance Cedar Point.

Post-Fallen fall[]

Pursued Trial and Error.[11] Was unwilling to accept assistance, even if it meant tearing at them for a whole other day. But after Breakthrough and a dozen of other heroes added their weight, arrested villains at drop-off point.[1]

The Ice Breaks[]

Shortcut appears as part of Advance Guard's reinforcements to the group of heroes, that was fighting titans Eve and Oberon.[12]

Later he got into a verbal altercation with Antares at the camp, but was stopped by ReSound and his team.[13]

When Titan Fortuna broke reality again, Shortcut became a Titan, nicknamed 'The Flowing Titan'.[14] After killing several heroes he was quickly locked in a fight by The Gibborim Knight.[15]

Later he was seen fighting Dauntless' titans.[16]


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