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The Shin Diplomatic Crisis refers to the event in which Earth Shin tried to leverage its trading with Earth Gimel to demonstrate their superiority over parahumans and The City.

Prelude Edit

Miss Militia acts as Gimels ambassador to Shin.

There was a huge leak of heroes personal information by Teacher's Group to the wider public. This shifts the public conversation in Gimel and warns Shin that the parahumans they took in are not who they represented themselves as.

Breakthrough drops in on a public event discussing these matters.[1]

Cryptid notes that the Red Queen has been backsliding,[2] and decides to do something about it when he gets the chance.[3]

The more moderate political entity, the Coalition, is removed from the discussions on Earth Shin's side. The Founders faction also suffers some reputation damage.

Events Edit

Breakthrough and several junior Warden members accompanied Miss Militia to a summit with Earth Shin.[4]

Earth Shin attempted to recruit Swansong, offering her everything that she's ever wanted. She did not accept. This was likely an attempt to gain information on parahuman psychology.

In defiance of established diplomatic protocol, Shin authorities arrest Breakthrough, Vista, and Golem.[5]

The radical faction Lone Sands intuits a plot to frame the murder of Armstrong on one of them, which would result in ruining the reputation of parahumans in general.

Breakthrough is attacked in the prison by normal prisoners to make them bleed and test their resolve.

Victoria is hospitalized for the damage to her hand. The physician uses a drug, provided by Chris Elman, to knock her out. Amelia is called in and heals Victoria, she has a long chat with her.

Sveta is isolated for trying to defend Victoria.[6]

Kamil Armstrong is rescued from Crock o’Shit by Sveta Karelia.[7]

Aftermath Edit

The food shipments to Gimel continued uninterrupted.

Shin has settled back into an uneasy equilibrium[8] following the crisis.


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