The Shin Defense Initiative is a group of highly powerful shard-influenced clones created by the combined efforts of the Red Queen and Cryptid that are in service of the Earth Shin government.

Modus operandi Edit

The intent of the group is that of a defense force for Earth Shin against other Earths.

Structure Edit

Amy and Chris combined their abilities to make the troops of the initiative. The clones have low intelligence and are compelled to do the bidding of their superiors.

The clones cannot eat and require maintenance.[1]

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The Second Shin CrisisEdit

The Red Queen and Cryptid began creating the clones. The Gibborim Knight was sent to fight the Machine Army which drew the attention of the Wardens and the Kronos Titan, the latter of whom intercepted the Knight and attacked him.

After negations with the Wardens and Victoria Dallon, Red Queen agrees to switch the Gibborim Knight with disposable minions of The Mother of Mothers. Dauntless let them pass.[2]

The Ice BreaksEdit

When freshly titan-turned Hunter immediately started slaughtering Shin forces, The Gibborim Knight and the Goddess-clone assisted in fending off her and helped the other capes escape. However, labs for the giants production were irrevocably lost in the catastrophe.[3]

Amy Dallon retreated to the Wardens, but Chris Elman continued to command the SDI against Titan Arachne.[4]

When Titan Fortuna directed her attention towards Earth Shin portal Chris and the giants joined heroes in fending her off, leaving The Giantess to deal with Arachne alone.[5] Chris sent The Gibborim Knight, The Mother of Mothers, and The Mathers Giant into overdrive, so they were able to occupy the Titans on their own.[6][7]

With Chris returning to the Breakthrough, Giants continued fighting on the behalf of The Wardens,[8] with The Giantess and The Mother of Mothers joining the assault on The Simurgh and Machine Army,[9] and The Mathers Giant being used as a counter-measure inside the Wardens' HQ.[10]


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