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Date posted 22 October 2011
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Shell 4.9 is the tenth chapter of Shell. In it, Tattletale reveals Bakuda's weaknesses, Regent's power backfires, and Skitter is hit by a pain bomb.


Taylor asks about Regent's arm going limp in the last chapter, and he tells her it's his power backfiring. Tattletale reveals Bakuda is lying about being the new ABB leader. A rocket from behind the Undersiders hits a hologram bomb in front of them, flash-freezing the resulting explosion.

Tattletale tells them that Bakuda is using toe rings to control the bombs inside her underlings and heat-sensing goggles to detect the Undersiders, and notes that her guns are keyed to her fingerprints and her biggest weakness is her megalomania and narcissism. When Tattletale lets them know Bakuda is after them in the Jeep, Grue pretends to sacrifice himself to fill the Jeep with his power.

Regent disrupts Bakuda's attempt to launch a grenade at Grue, passing out from the resulting overuse. Grue comes to safety and the Undersiders regroup with a plan to capture Bakuda and find Bitch, but an explosion hits them.

Knocking them all out.

Major EventsEdit

  • Grue creates a false shadow clone to throw off Bakuda, Skitter's reaction hints at her feelings for him.
  • The Undersiders are captured by Bakuda.


  • While Grue uses a shadow decoy here Skitter gets the idea from him.
  • Regents power is explored.


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