Shell 4.2
Undersiders Shopping by LinaLeeZ

Art by LinaLeeZ

Date posted 27 September 2011
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Shell 4.2 is the second chapter of Shell. Taylor goes shopping with Lisa, they chat about life, boundaries, relationships and clothes. The whole group meets up again at Fugly Bob's, Taylor makes a major faux-pas.


After leaving the rest of the group behind to go clothes shopping, Lisa makes several observations about Taylor's fashion, noting her preference for muted colours like black, grey or white. This is perceived to be another way of avoiding attention. Lisa reveals she initially thought Taylor's dad was abusing her, but dropped that, reasoning that Taylor must be having trouble at school. Lisa suggests that she could help, but Taylor refuses.

They change the subject of conversation to Taylor clothes. Taylor and Lisa discuss Taylor's rather weak genetic inheritance, resulting having "the figure of a thirteen year-old boy", and not much else to look forward to.

They pay $460 for their clothes, and Lisa asks Taylor to keep silent to the other Undersiders on the fact that she didn't notice Panacea at the bank robbery, pretending that the clothes were a bribe.

They meet Brian and Alec at Fugly Bob's. Lisa and Taylor split a cheeseburger while Brian orders a portobello-beef double-decker and Alec has a Hideous Bob, the equivalent to a Big Mac. They sit outside by a window.

They make small chit-chat while they receive and eat their food, up until Taylor unintentionally makes the social faux pas of asking about her teammate's "origin stories".

Major EventsEdit

  • Taylor continues her semi-normal socializing for the first time in months.


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