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Date posted 24 September 2011
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Shell 4.1 is the first chapter of Shell.Emma’s insults make Taylor leave school. Later Taylor goes to the Mall with her team, two of whom are murderers. Basking in success is great, Bitch is silent, something up? Shopping!


The chapter begins with Taylor in class the day after the bank robbery, catching up on her homework so she can have a free weekend. Emma interrupts her, exclaiming "You actually showed up". After a brief back and forth between them, Taylor leaves the classroom early.

On her bus ride to the Docks she reminisces over having coffee with Brian that morning. They both went over the morning papers' reports over the bank robbery. The robbery actually ended up on the third page, coming behind an Amber Alert for Dinah Alcott and an advertisement. This seems to be because the bank lied about the amount stolen, reporting a loss of twelve thousand dollars rather than the forty thousand actually taken. The story instead focuses on the property damage caused by the Wards and Glory Girl and the Grue's darkness covering downtown.

When she arrives at the Docks she doesn't head towards the Undersiders' base, but instead starts walking towards the Lord Street Market, meeting the rest of the Undersiders sans Rachel. They walk about, looking at merchandise.

Taylor mentions that it would be hard for Rachel to hang out with them because of her having no secret identity. Lisa agrees, pointing out that even if Rachel were there, she would be going ballistic over a nearby mistreated dog. She also explains Rachel's background, that she's wanted for serial murder, though it would probably be tried as manslaughter. When Rachel triggered, the abused dog she saved went on a rampage. Since then she's seriously hurt and possibly killed people, but not since she has joined the Undersiders. Taylor muses that Rachel is one of the murderers that Armsmaster mentioned and wonders who the second one is.

Alec buys a Kid Win shirt for the irony.

Brian starts to explain what they're going to do with the money. The money from the bank will be laundered through their boss, as well as giving them their extra payment.

Lisa decides to "steal" Taylor away and take her shopping for clothes.

Major EventsEdit

  • Taylor stands up against Emma.
  • The teenage villains do common bonding activities.


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  • The Amber alert will come up later.
  • This chapter showcases how media reacts and reports on villainous activities along with the larger alternate culture of Earth Bet.


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