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Date posted 20 March 2018
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Shadow 5.7 is the eighth chapter of Shadow. Hollow vs. Fallen with the heroes caught in the middle. Well periphery. In the midst of the reunion they find out guns are a thing now.


Fully in costume, Victoria waits in line at a coffee shop in New Haven, her presence drawing both good and bad attention from the shop's patrons. After posing for a photo for some teenagers, she leaves and meets up with her former patrol group, exchanging banter and donuts with Jasper and Gilpatrick before they leave, forming a perimeter around the Fallen camp.

Victoria then joins up with the therapy group, without Rain, but with the addition of Kenzie's mother, to whom Victoria introduces herself. After Victoria retrieves Kenzie's tinker box from the back of the van, Mrs. Martin invites her over for dinner (much to the horror of the other members of the team) before leaving.

From Kenzie's camera, the group tracks the approach of the Hollow Point villains, including Ashley, as well as some mutant dogs, to the Fallen camp, while the patrol group, Advance Guard, and the Wardens get into position; Victoria reunites with Vista, while Narwhal arranges defenses for Looksee, who stays behind. Victoria and the rest of therapy group make their way through the forest, while the convoy of villains arrives. As the fighting begins and they move to intercept, they are greeted by unexpected gunfire.

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  • The battle starts.


  • First meeting with Mrs. Martin.


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