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Date posted 17 March 2018
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Shadow 5.6 is the seventh chapter of Shadow. Everything comes to this. Team Therapy lays it all out, but doesn't show all their cards.


Coming off of the train after a ride spent catching up, Sveta convinces a reluctant Victoria to come over and have dinner with her and Weld, inviting Crystal as well. While walking back, Victoria receives messages from the Wardens about their evening meeting, and from Ashley about how her undercover role is going; Sveta and Victoria discuss the situation with Ashley and reminisce.

They arrive at the apartment, greeted by Weld; Victoria and Weld talk about preparing for the upcoming meeting with the Wardens concerning the war on the Fallen. Victoria also receives various texts from members of the team: Tristan is working with Natalie; Byron receives an ominous message from Rain; and Kenzie and Chris discuss which of the latter's forms would be best for the war. Crystal arrives with materials, and Victoria lays out her ideas for her new costume. After working on costumes, dinner, and conversation, Tristan and Natalie arrive. The team explains the situation to Natalie, who expresses concern over the younger members' presence but agrees that help from the Wardens would be ideal.

Later that night, Capricorn, Sveta, and Victoria present their case to the Warden leadership, who agree to send some of their forces; as the meeting ends, Victoria reflects on the true instability of the team, behind their facade of confidence.

Major EventsEdit

  • The still unnamed group gets the backing of Gimels major hero team's to take on the fallen.
  • Victoria gets her new hero costume.


  • For those wondering why Valkyrie isn't being siced on the Fallen be sure to investigate both her and the mathers matriarch page.


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