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Date posted 6 March 2018
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Shadow 5.4 is the fourth chapter of Shadow. Spright gets caught between two angry ladies, and coughs up some explanations. Things in Hollow Point come to a tipping point.


Victoria and Sveta confront Spright, pointing out that Cedar Point is their jurisdiction, but Spright asserts that Advance Guard was invited, directing them towards Mayday. Victoria explains their side of the story, implying that the team is working with Tattletale to misdirect the Hollow Point clairvoyants.

Spright agrees to talk to Advance Guard and have them call off the fight, using Victoria and Sveta's mover powers as he leaves. Returning to the crowd, Advance Guard is keeping the villains at bay. As they watch from above, Sveta confronts Victoria, who explains the Wretch, before reentering the fight.

The villains gather together forces, but remain divided into Prancer's group, Bitter Pill's group, and the group of more violent capes, while the Advance Guard capes are slowly evacuating via a teleporter cape. Victoria tries to call a ceasefire but is unsuccessful, and the fighting resumes. Sveta and Victoria reengage Love Lost and Nailbiter, until Mayday tries to call off the fight once more. Beast of Burden and his clique show up as reinforcements for the villains, however, but on the heroes' side, Capricorn, Rain, and Looksee arrive as well.

Major EventsEdit

  • Spright reveals that Advance Guard was invited to Hollow Point by an unknown source.
  • Victoria reveals the nature of the Wretch to Sveta.


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