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Date posted 27 February 2018
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Shadow 5.2 is the second chapter of Shadow. Advance Guard intrudes, Love Lost shows what she can do, the center does not hold.


The therapy group watches via camera as Nailbiter recruits a teenager, Colt, into her group, much to her family's anger and disappointment; the team shares their concerns, and Ashley wants to go in. Rain gets frustrated with Tinker-ing; after getting her maquillage done by Erin and Victoria kenzie implants the eye-projector, Ashley leaves to go to Hollow Point.

Then, Advance Guard shows up unannounced, catching the team off-guard; Chris leaves to make his entrance as Mad Anxiety. Victoria wants to go, but is stopped by Tristan. The Hollow Point group and Advance Guard come face-to-face; ReSound reveals that Foxtrot leaked the information about Hollow Point, and points out Kenzie's cameras. Prancer tries to dissuade them from conflict, but ReSound declares an attack.

Spright and Prancer race for downtown, while Love Lost uses her emotion power on Advance Guard, breaking their ranks. As the chaos begins, Victoria and Tristan resolve to intervene.

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  • Advance Guard starts a kerfuffle in Cedar Point.


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